$500 Heitz Martha's?!?

I just got an e-mail from Heitz Cellar offering their 750ml 2005 Martha’s Vineyard for $500(!). I know it’s a library release so provenance is guaranteed and all, but $500?!? Am I missing something here? Retail for the same vintage seems to be at about $200. For that money, I would rather buy a '85 Martha’s (one of my all time favorites) AND get my self a fancy steak dinner! Sheesh. [swearing.gif]

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Heitz pricing has really taken off with the new ownership. Used to be able to buy the current vintage Napa bottling at Costco for $39, it’s now in the $56 range. I’ve crossed them off my list for annual buys.

What he said. I stopped buying Heitz since it has been sold. Cost went up too much.

I bought that exact wine for $175 from the winery in 2016 (and even then I thought it was kind of overpriced, but bought it anyway)…

I am waiting for the library sale of the 2020 vintage.

When you go from family owned to corporate this is often the result. Any surprise?

It’s not uncommon for wineries to high ball their library. That prevents it from selling out quickly. Sometimes they’ll have a sale bringing the price of select wines down to a reasonable level. Otherwise, it’s generally insane to pay that premium.

Agreed. Beringer was aggressive about liquidating inventory, but they were trying to dump it to create cash. That circumstance aside, most seem to be an absurd premium. Corison was offering some library releases over the past few months and they were significantly higher than market. Provenance premium, I suppose, but I thought the pricing of that, like the Heitz, was a bit absurd.

There is a place I know with a few bottles of that wine they got a couple years ago from winery. Been stored in temperature controlled wine fridge since. I had two and they were awesome. Think they are still there for around $130, Gonna grab em one of these days

If you leave any behind, let me know!

Last time I bought Heitz direct was when they had a REAL sale…the 2001 Bella Oaks for $32! That 05 price is crazy! Buy two, get free shipping though. [wink.gif] Or go find a bottle of the 74…hmmmm. [scratch.gif]

Free shipping starts at 1K?! Boy, guess it’s time to say goodbye to them!

Can’t increase current release pricing without increasing library release pricing

Yes - Buzz. I remember buying 2001 Bella Oaks direct from Heitz for $32 about a decade ago. What a deal

I agree — back vintages from big wineries are usually a terrible value.

Frankly, buying current releases direct from big commercial wineries, even if you get a wine club discount, is usually bad value compared to retail.

For example, Heitz sells their 2015 Napa cab for $63. It’s $49.99 at Hi Time and $47.98 at Rye Brook. Even if you joined their club and got 20% off, you’re still just paying retail.

Not to worry… some wine influencer will start posting on Instagram about drinking old Martha’s, and then it will fly off the shelves!

[rofl.gif] Just look back a few days [cheers.gif]

Don’t explain the joke.


To point out the obvious, that offer is a money grab.