2021 Cyber Monday Deals

For anyone looking for extra storage, the Sorbus 75 bottle wine rack is on Amazon as a Cyber Monday deal. Pulled the trigger on one.


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I hope you folks remember to wish me a Happy Seiber Monday tomorrow. Verrrry disappointed how few remembered the last few years.


Happy Seiber Sunday!

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Ridge is offering free shipping

Happy Seiber Monday!

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Grapes the Wine Co. has 25% off on case purchases today…sadly I bought a case yesterday (womp womp)

I’d call and see if they can price adjust. Worth a shot!

I’d advise against that. Speaking from experience. Trust me.

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Sadly, no deals to be had.

Don’t do it. I had to dispute charges with my credit card with them.
EDITED: Looks like we are talking about two different companies. My bad experience was with GrapesWine in Norwalk, CT which was super sketchy. Grapes Wine Company I have no experience with.

Whoa, note to self

Wine.com is offering free shipping on $49+ purchases. Nothing crazy but still a “deal”

Cheers. [cheers.gif]

Taxes and Shipping Charges limit the benefit of this discount

I don’t see that. Is there a code?

Snoozer so far. Where are the deals?

Blame COVID.

Typical Benchmark bin sale. Extremely annoying to search through, and very few deals worthy of the effort. A few slightly below WS low are hidden in there.

It does feel like discounting on consumer products generally (not just wine) won’t be nearly as much this season as in years past, what with shortages, high inflation, high shipping costs and all.

I wonder what BerserkerDay 2022 will look like.


There is an old thread somewhere about wine glasses for the yard/pool/picnic. I really like the Vinglace glasses we purchased. They are on sale today.


And I always thought your name was pronounced as “say-bur”.