2018 Scarecrow Release

Just got the email that after years of waiting, I’m in. Any predictions on pricing?

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Woohoo - I just got the email too! Perfect that it is the 2018 vintage as well. My guess will be $1350/3-pk. I’d rather overestimate and keep the budget there than underestimate and be disappointed.

My first release as well, guessing ~$450 per plus shipping.

I got the email that I’m in as well. I’ve only been on the waitlist maybe 3 years now and bought a 2-pack of M. Etain for the first time this past year. Almost seems too good to be true.

2 years in a row at $400, I’d expect a bump. I’d also expect a lot of people passing

Got it as well. Will be in for a 3 pack.

I also got it but will be passing, allocation up for grabs

You’d rather buy aged Burg/Rhone/Champagne instead of modern Napa?! Bro.

Yeah, passing mine up, too. Lol

Bingo. Inevitable bump, but I’ll still be buying. They always seem to be just below my passing point, which also goes up each year.

Please PM if interested in selling your allocation this year (at cost, ships direct to me) - thanks!

$500 all in. I’m all out

$1357 shipped with tax for the 2017.

Pricey for sure…but very special juice.

FWIW, Wine Advocate gave it a 98

A “splurge” for sure.

First year for me getting on the list. I’ll probably get a 3 pack.

Bought ‘15 and ‘16, skipped ‘17- no email this afternoon.

Hopefully I get an offer. If not, I’ll continue to load up on the M’Etain…

My email said to expect the invitation to buy letter in the mail mid Feb and a release date of March 3.

March 3rd? My email said release date of March 10th. This is my first year on the list.

not sure if they changed the rule but had been if u skip a year, you go back to the waitlist

different tranches. My date is 2/24. Might be one ahead of me

varies of course to where it is shipped to

If someone is passing on their allocation, please PM :slight_smile: