2018 Scarecrow Release

My guess is they don’t raise the price.
Maybe willful thinking.

Well, c’est la vie. That frees up about $1500 to allocate elsewhere (DiCostanzo Farella, Memento Mori Dr Crane and Las Piedras, Odette Reserve, Riverain BBS, etc) Gone are the days where I’m sweating whether or not I get an offer from a winery.

Yup, they usually have 3 waves (tranches) IIRC. Past two years I was in wave 3, looks like this year I am wave 2.

I had thought that they were passing on the vintage or is that the 2020 vintage?

Disregard, hiccup

There will be a 18/19 vintage. 20 will be replaced with library releases.

I would go out on a limb that this vintage is getting a 99 or 100 score. Lots of people opted not to buy last year as this hit right when the pandemic started some shut downs and 17’ was said to be a hot vintage although there’s some really good scores coming out for the year. Its a lot of money for the 3 pack but one of the very few I will splurge for at this price point.

From a friend:

98 from Wine Advocate
97 from Vinous

They are getting awfully close to typical auction hammer prices. That is the ceiling for mailing lists. Going too close to that is the third rail of direct sales.

Those scores aren’t going to help the flippers. They are about the same as the 2017 vintage and folks were merely passing on their allocations at cost last year.

Anyone passing please let me know! Hoping to get an allocation this year

I’m passing on my allocation as well. It’s the kind of wine I’d open about once every 5 years anyway, and I have a few vintages.

I’d bet on a price hike.

2018 WA 98 same as 2012 score. If 2018 retails same as 2012 at $650 and the consign/list cost of 20% looks like flippers will need offer pricing to come in at $500 (incl ship/tax) to break even if it retails at $650.

2012 didn’t retail at $650 when it was released. Release cost was $285

I’m guessing the 2018 will be $430pp.
2017 - $400
2016 - $400
2015 - $350
2014 - $330
2013 - $300

I’m gonna guess $450. Price is right rules, whoever gets closest without going over wins [cheers.gif]

Yup. Dropped from all my lists in the last few years. The ‘gotta buy what you can’t have’ jig is up. Plenty of quality juice at better prices elsewhere.

Well with this one, guessing $1 ain’t going win!!!

Me too
I think the 24th is first wave.

If anyone is looking to skip this year release, I’m willing to purchase at cost. I’ve been on the waiting list now 3 years.