2013 Myriad Crane & Elysian

Anybody heard if pricing will remain the same as 2012?

I think its to early the 2012’s having been released yet.

My mistake, I thought you were referring to the 2014’s :slight_smile: The 2012’s have been out since November. I think by May we will know the 2013’s pricing.

The '13 Dr. Crane and Elysian are scheduled to be offered next month (3/17 for returners and 3/24 for new customers), per an earlier announcement. I don’t know anything about pricing.

Dr. Evil say’s 1 MILLION Dollars!!!

AG’s reviews show $160 for Elysian and $125 for Dr. Crane.

eBob reviews show $150 for Elysian and $110 for Dr. Crane. (I believe this is where the 12’s were priced.)

Take this for what it is worth, I just wanted to pass it along.


I wonder if there will be a day night difference between the Dr Crane and the Elysian to justify a $35 difference.

Ok I might have misspoke they will be 1 BILLION DOLLARS!!!

On a serious note the are both great wines! And will be a value compared to some of the prices as of late. Especially the Dr.Crane bottling so stock up cause you will be kicking yourself later deadhorse
Maybe should not say that might mean fewer bottles for me [oops.gif]

Oh before you ask I have no insight of what price of either will be, just assuming.

This is.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a $10 jump in price.

Is anyone that is on the list not going to buy these this year?

Prices will stay the same as last year.

That’s a pleasant relief!!!

I will buy whatever I can afford. And whatever my wife will allow. So probably one Elysian and two Cranes.

My cellar is busting at the seams. But, for sure, 3 Elysian, 6 Dr. Crane and 3 GIII. We’ll have to see what else when the time comes. Admittedly I’m a hoarder with bottles of this wine (Myriad Dr. Crane) going back to its first vintage in '07.

Just got the save the date email for March 17th and pricing is:

$125 for Dr. Crane
$160 for Elysian

What do you guys like about Myriad? What does it compare to?


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Poop. I thought they were sticking with last year’s prices… I guess I need to dig even deeper.