2013 Marcassin Pinot Letter

Checked cashed from CA


Last night in CA.

my check was cashed yesterday as well…in for 12


what is this sending checks ? offer letter ? I don’t understand. did I enter Mr. Peabodies time machine and went to 1998 ?

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My Money Orders have been cashed as well. In for 12 too.

Check cashed from Florida (in for 12)

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Check from PA cleared on 9/19.

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Still waiting in TN for check to cash. Mailed it back the next day.

Check cashed 9/20 from TX. For reference, I mailed my order back on 9/6 via next day postage.

Checked cashed from Florida.

Any one care to sell a few, please DM me-understand if I have to pay a bit more…TIA.

Can I ask you wjen you sent your check? I sent on 9/6 and hasn’t cashed mt cehck yet. Juat curious. Thanks.


I dropped off the check the afternoon I received the mailer…September 1st.


Mailed mine back the next day…9/2…not cashed yet.

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Mailed on 9/3


I had mine cashed yesterday

Same here.

now that weather is finally cooling off…wonder when they will ship?
2013 vintage…should be ready to go once we get them…LOL

I just received an email…they are shipping the wine on 11-7 by Fed Ex.