2012 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne

Is this a joke? It’s only gotten worse with 2012 over 2008. It hasn’t worked that way in over 2 years. The answer to your question is, yes.

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I suspect there will be a reckoning after New Years…K&L has 300 champagnes listed, brands like Comtes and Grand Siecle have been for sale at twice what they were going for 3-5 years ago, countless “no name” “grower” producers with organic, biodynamic, phase of the moon, micro dosage “your style here” cuvees that all seem to be $100.

We are at a weird phase right now where inflation has hard hit our staples as well as luxury goods. I don’t think it is sustainable. Maybe not until after Valentines Day, but I’m anticipating some blow out sales. Unfortunately, “blow out” prices in today’s economy is just the old prices from 2019.


$240 @ BottleList for those so inclined…