2011 Marcassin - Made the list!

wow - just got a mailer from Marcassin saying that after many, many years (i don’t even remember how i reached out to them) that i made the list for the 2011 Chard and Pinot. Super excited, but seems like shipping is a pain.

Anyone in NJ/NY/CT that is on the list - is coordinating through Wine Country a huge pain? And how much does it typically cost to ship per bottle? I know i can reach out directly - was just curious how the experience was.


I just got my letter as well. Tried several times through several different methods over the last 10 yrs or so and finally got an allocation this year. Shipping appears to be difficult but not going to complain. Excited to finally get some of these!

is it the official mailer to order the wine as well? Or just to let you know you are on the list? I am already on the list and want to make sure I am not missing it in the mail :slight_smile:

This must be the remains fromthe last offering. 2011 mailer was sent out to active mailing list participants last year

Yep mine were delivered around November of 2016. Welcome to the list anyway! Now you have an extra 6 months age at no cost!


Got the same mailing. 4 bottle minimum looks like it lets you stay on for future offerings.

Wait - 2011? Do they delay releases that long typically? What is Wine Country? Curious too about the shipping costs when you find out…

Can anyone explain how they are only releasing the '11 vintage to their list, but their '12 vintage is already available at retail?

This one baffles me, but unless the release price to the list is substantially lower than the retail price, I fail to see the logic behind this strategy on the part of winery. Am I missing something here?

They typically release their wines to retail/restaurants before the mailing list.

Like others said above, the 2011 vintage was released to the list last year. Sounds like they’re adding new members by offering unsold 2011 inventory. That’s how I got on the list with the 2006 vintage.

I received the offer as well and would have to figure out shipping to Texas. Any scoop on these wines? Are they worth the tariff?

It varies but offerings usually come out ~5 yrs after vintage.

Wine Country Shipping is their preferred shipping partner. Located in the Windsor office park next to DuMOL winery. I’ve dealt with Robin, their shipping coordinator for a couple years now, and she’s great.

Off the top of my head shipping costs can range from $3.75 - $4.50/btl depending on location. I live in Sonoma County so I pick up directly from WCS. No need to pay ~$50/case to ship across the street. :slight_smile:

I’ve given up. I have been trying to get on the list since 1999, and have never been able to get a confirmation that I am even on the waiting list. That info (if they have it) is long outdated, so I am out of luck. Luckily it’s a big wine world.

I made it too, but between the price, the minimum, the ordering and payment methods, the allocation of wine types, shipping method, etc. I will pass

I absolutely LOVE Marcassin but it is not for everyone. Their Pinots are ripe but not overdone and their Chards are among the best I’ve ever had. They are not cheap but you can count on quality vintage after vintage. The prices seem to rise year after year as well and that may necessitate a shift in my buying, but for now I’m still a buyer.

Just received the mailer today too. Will probably take two of each. Not gonna do four of each. Hopefully I still get them.

Seems like there’s some 2011 wine that didn’t sell (and maybe not up to snuff with the typical Marcassin) so find some people on the waiting list to move the stock??

I also made the list. This is odd as I only signed up 18 months ago. I heard the wait was at least 4-5 years. Problem I now have is that I signed up figuring 5 plus years in purgatory and having five more years of pay raises and maybe a promotion. Unfortunately, there is no way I can afford this wine. If anyone wants my allocation feel free to pm me.

How expensive are they?

I was on the list for a very brief time years ago, from when a number of people got a letter telling us that we got an allocation to the correction letter a few days later telling us that they’d made a clerical error, so no soup for us. Whatever.

$150 each.

Me too.