2011 Marcassin - Made the list!

I tasted the 2011 estate pinot blind and it’s by far the worst Marcassin Estate wine I’ve had.Tasty, but simple and too sweet.

I got the letter too- Here’s the deal- In my previous experience with this letter from them, you need to cut a check and get them the money ASAP- This is no allocation- this is first come first serve and they don’t even let you know if you don’t get the wines- they just never cash the check.

wow…seems like many people are getting this offer…i know 3 friends who got their first offer…

Oughta tell you something.

Hmmmm I did not get a thing - been on list for 6 years.

If you are on the list, these were offered to you last May.

Easy pass for me. I can get my chard and pinot fix for much less from top producers like Aubert, if I’m in the mood for a bigger style. And I’m not too keen on mailing them a $1K check that may just sit around their office not cashed. And then there’s the shipping…

Completely agree. I thought it was really off-putting last time.

Got my 4 bottle Pinot 4 bottle chardonnay allocation today. First timer as well.

I find the whole thing a little odd. I too only signed up about 2-3 years ago and was not expecting to make the list for 10 years, if ever.

Them offering 2011s now as well as teasing the “100RP” 2012 chardonnay coming in the spring was strange. It kind of seems like they have a ton of 2011 product that needs to be moved last minute before the 12s go out.

Also, my allocation of 4 bottles each seems higher than I’d expect, especially for a cooler year.

Also, this seems to be the first vintage of all marcassin estate fruit. Is their estate vineyard huge? Are there any hints as to how many cases were produced? Is there going to be even greater quantity of the 12s and 13s?

For $150/btl , I was hoping to be making the list when I’m older and ideally have a few more bucks in my pocket. Passing probably, which unfortunately will move me to the back of the line, or out entirely.

Congrats!!! That makes me think, I should put myself on a bunch of lists NOW so I can get on them in a few years!

Hmm… which lists should I try to get onto?

The letter you received sounds like the same letter which was sent out when the 2011s were initially offered to the mailing last year so I don’t think it necessarily means there is a ton of 2011 product which needs to be moved before the 2012 offer goes out. My guess is that they anticipated that given the unusually low scores for the 2011s (especially the Pinot), the wines were not going to be as in demand as usual and they wanted to incentivize Buyers to purchase them by dangling the scores of future vintages.

In any event, I love their wine and bought my allocation.

IMHO they would have been better off reducing the cost of the 2011’s - it would have probably earned them some loyalty and respect. My offer went from the envelope to the trash can. I’m not buying any $100+ wines anymore though - hard to say what I would have done a couple of years ago…

Funny, I had the exact opposite reaction, thought the 2011 was easily the best Marcassin Pinot I’ve ever had and with the least perceptible sweetness.

Yeah, it gets to the point of ‘is this really worth it’? So many good wines, increasing prices, I don’t know. I’m to the point of buying interesting wines/blends rather that chasing 100 point Napa chards/cabs. The Emperor may still have clothes, but they’re getting worn out fast.

Please, all off you who hesitate - continue to hesitate. Let the haters convince you not to buy - at least until they process my check for the max. allocation. I have had some great 2011 wines and I assume these are good and even if not as good as other vintages, the little premium is worth getting on the list (at least to me). So, please continue to procrastinate for another few days or so.

Post after post about Marcassin’s list is always riddled with the “I can’t even tell if I’m on the wait list”, “I didn’t get that offer but I’ve been on the list for ‘x’ years”…but as someone else pointed out its interesting to see new people added and then on top of that people who have been on the list who don’t get an offer who’ve been long time buyers. A perplexing list as any in my brief time on WB reading about them. One day I’ll have to buy one eventually and break the bank.

so where are the 12’s?

Received my letter as well, I cant even remember when I left my vm on their answering machine many years ago. Not sure where I stand on sending a check just yet. Need to digest the letter and the many stipulations that go with it.

Customer relations/mailing list fulfillment have never been Marcassin’s strong suits. Perhaps the years of beyond effusive praise for Ms. Turley by Robert Parker went to their heads, but by this point in their business’ history you’d think that they could tighten up their operations.

They do have a website for signing up for their mailing list.
Baby steps?

Maybe they do it on purpose to give the winery an air of mystique?