2010 Dom Perignon

Anyone have any additional intel on this? Tasting notes? None on CT. Just saw a Wally’s email hit, available in Aug at $185.

If I can continue to backfill the 2008 for cheaper, not sure why I would dabble in the 2010 if the $185 is consistent across retailers.

William Kelley gave it a 92, and described it politely as “open-knit and pretty.”

The two prices I saw today were $180 and $190, so it sounds like Wally’s split the difference.

in what world would anyone buy these at 185 when 08 is so available.

Richard Geoffroy described it as “the most like white burgundy that I made”.

But as others have said - 2010 is an average champagne vintage and DomP 2008 is truly exceptional, why not buy the 08?

Wally’s pricing in general seems to be a good 25-30% above everyone else, not sure why anyone would ever by there for such wines that will be widely available…

I’d buy 2008 all day long at ~$150ish (Costco). With that still on the market, 2010 would have to be something like $100-110 to be of any interested to me.

If you are nouveau rich and want to show your status via conspicuous consumption, you can, with the newest vintage of this mass produced flagship wine from Bernard Arnault’s (the richest man in the World in Jan 2020) luxury goods company?

I have not tasted it, but a number of people I trust in Champagne (friends, journalists, other winemakers, etc…) are high on it especially considering the vintage. Is it at the level of a 2008 or 2009, probably not. Is it at the level of a 2006 - probably and maybe better. All reports have it showing very open and very expressive, yet still well structured. This is probably the most challenging overall vintage DP has been made in since 1980.

Some people buy particular wines in most vintages because they follow the house and are interested in the vintage variations, then buy more of certain vintages.


$185 is the price I was quoted in an email today from one of the big Chicago retailers.

In answer to your question Charlie, here in the Texas market there are still a number of places selling stocks of 2008 for $170ish, but I have noted at least a couple of retailers now pricing it at $200-215. As discussed in another thread a while back, it appeared that was a bit of a fluke attributable to the retailer- but I have seen data since to suggest that for certain allocation tiers the 2008 has now seen a steep price hike at the wholesale level which will become more evident as retailers sell through current stashes and then restock, or not as the case may be. Just as I have seen the price here in Texas go up a bit, I am also noting more than one prominent retailer not restocking at all at the new price.

Just received an email today from a large uk merchant with 50x6 bottles and 25x3 mags at original release price which works out at c. $155/bt and c. $450/mag. Extra stock released to consumers by lvmh that would normally have gone to hotels, restaurants etc…

Of course true, but I’d venture 98% of people who drink Dom have no idea what vintage they even consumed.

Passing; there’s so much 08 and 09 available at better prices atm.

Even the 2008’s were released in my market around $175 and I bought a bunch thinking they would only go up but I picked up a few more this week at $139. Perhaps these 2010’s will come down? What happened to all the 2009’s, they sure left the market fast?

that was going to be my thought. Most people grab Dom in a store not knowing or caring what the vintage is.

2009 was released before 2008. I believe it was the first time the wines were released out of order. So 2009, 2008, 2010.

As others have pointed out, not a good choice when there are better wines available for less.

Why would you buy this in any vintage?

why would you not?


I buy it because I like drinking it!

I find it matches perfectly with my pink polo shirt, chinos, AR15, crazy wife and tasteless mcmansion.