2009 Pagodes de Cos @ $55!

Are you kidding me??? I’m no fan of 2nd wines to start with, but this seems absurd and probably a prelude to what we can expect from the bigger wines being released soon.

I had big plans to buy 09’s (whether futures or later on release) for birth year reasons. I have already decided to buy just a smattering to have around down the years for special events and my daughter will just have to enjoy a ton of 00, 03, 05, and a little 08 from Bordeaux.

I’m a capitalist, so if they can get people to pay the money, more power to them - they have priced appropriately. I just don’t see it being a lot of my money and zero for wines like this.


I saw the pricing yesterday as well - all I could think of was how much the 09 Cos is gonna price at. $55 for a bottle that has rally interested me in the past…big pass.

Pagodas de Cos from the following years with WS lows:

2000 $35
2003 $30
2005 $40

Looks like the initial positioning for a $275-300 release price of Cos d’Estournel…

I stopped buying second wines when Carruades de Lafite broke $40.

Cos will be 250 - the only second that will be more expensive is LLC.

[thumbs-up.gif] nice work Bordeaux. I stopped buying a few years ago. No plans to buy any in the future and I don’t feel like I am missing a thing.

Insane!!! That is what I bought the 2000, 01, and 02 Cos d’estournel for!

The 00 Pagodes was my epiphany wine, so I’ll always have a soft spot for Pagodes, but this pricing for a second wine is insane. They’re basically saying here are my discards, and you need to pay much more for it than a number of properties’ first wine.

I’ve seen several offers in the 30 to 40 range that sound much better.

Pagodes de Cos was a good value in 2000 when I got it at Costco for around $23 IIRC.

Not in US$ for 2009 Pagodes, I don’t think.

I don’t see any value in $50 for this wine either. Generally, I think that 2nd labels are poor value. I can see why people who don’t want to (or can’t) pay $500+ for a first growth, buy the Chateau’s 2nd label, but I can’t see any arguement for any other bottle. You are buying young vine, or inferior terroir juice. Even if this is a great 2nd label, I would rather find some other Grand Vin for the same money, and at least you are getting the Chateau’s best effort.


The Bordelais are pantloads in pricing their wines. They better hope Asia steps up or there will be a lot of wine in French supermarkets. [rofl.gif]

I remember buying 2000 Reserve de la Comtesse (Pichon-Lalande) off the shelf @ $20/btl. I’m 51, so anything of significance from this vintage or 2005 will outlive my tastebuds before maturity, and the good grand vins from other vintages will be cheaper - for example - 2003 Giscours is in the $40-45 range locally.

That’s what I meant. Several pretty good Chateaux have their Grand vin priced at $ 30 to $ 40.

I just did a cellar revaluation. It’s not just Bordeaux and Burgundy that has gone up. I have an Italian that has gone up 100% in 2 years. I also have a Spanish wine that has almost quadrupled in value in 3 years.

Since I bought these wines, I suppose the ‘Chinese’ are indeed buying the crap out of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italian and Spanish wines.

An investment professional explains it to me differently. Too much money is being printed leading to asset inflation. We live in a world of budget deficits.

How about 2009 Alter Ego for $50?

Agreed. Though it wasn’t Costco for me, it was maybe $25 at a shop. That 2000 was a very nice wine. I think that it was much better than the Carruades actually, which has never impressed me.

Is the 2009 Cos d’Estournel THAT much better than the 2008 that I paid $110 for on futures?

Mark… Having tasted both 2008 and 2009,2009 is THAT much better! This does not mean it’s worth the money to you. But 2009 Cos is a remarkable wine with the potentail to hit triple digits from Bob.

As to pricing for Pagodes. I am not buying it. But with the exception of Chapelle Ausone, (which costs a lot more than Pagodes) I do not purchase second wines. That being said, from people who have actually tasted 2009 Pagodes, they say the wine is better than any vintage of COS produced in the 90’s and except for 82, Pagodes is better than any vintage from that decade as well.

Points are so 1982… I want to know how many stars Bob’s giving it!


Wow, bold play there!

'96 Cos is a stunner, not to mention a few other vintages in there ('90/'95). I am sure we can debate this in a few years but until then, I’ll remain convinced that the '09 Pagodes isn’t up to snuff, at least not at this ‘futures’ price.