2009 Dom Perignon Hit The Shelf Locally Today

It seems as though the concensus has been that vintage 2009 Champagnes are forward and can optimally be enjoyed while waiting for the 2008’s to come around. For anyone who has has the 2009 Dom Perignon, is there enough structure present to age, or should this be enjoyed on the shorter term? Thanks.

Guess I’ll have to give a test bottle a whirl. Expensive test @ $119.

I like it now and it will age. Very nice vintage and an easy buy (at least for me) at $119

It was a little tight for my tastes when I tried it. I would lay it down. It will definitely age - whether it will for several decades I couldn’t say.

For drinking now, I prefer 2002 champagnes (no comment on 02 DP) - many of these are still priced similarly to new releases and drink much better.

I got to have a glass late last year. Not in any kind of tasting note situation. What I remember was that it was very good, and had the stuffing and components for the medium-term. I’m not normally a Dom guy in all but the very best vintages, though. Good but not great vintage has often, to me, meant good but not great and therefore expensive for what it is Dom.

Local Dom pricing is usually pretty terrible, though.

$119? A better question is how are you getting the new release of Dom below cost just one day after release?

$119 is a fantastic price!

Tried it ~6 weeks ago, I’m a buyer at $120

$140 best I can find. Where is the $120?

Like it says in the title, a local,family run store. To the best of my knowledge, they don’t do out of state business. Sorry.

sorry, no need to be snarky, but title said locally, not family run local store—and I have had people ship when a store won’t.

Me snarky? I actually sent you a pm some months back prior to your trip to N.O. when the place was selling the 2006 for the same price. I don’t think that they sell out of state but if you want the name pm me.

I thought it was the most ready to drink of any of the recent vintages; I guess 2004 is probably the most similar.

Thanks. I bought a brace today and will try one soon. Is it safe to assume that more fruit is present with the 2009 than the 2004?

I am glad it is here, I admit I did not like the 2006.

Yeah it’s pretty rich and although I think it will age well it’s pretty good right now.

ok. Sorry. Took it wrong.

I’ve had the 2009 a couple times now, here’s a TN from last month:

  • 2009 Dom Perignon Champagne - France, Champagne (12/15/2017)
    Popped and poured, light straw/gold. Initial burst of sulfur/matchstick gives way to aromas of lemon, pear, red fruits and just a touch of yeasty dough. Shows quite a bit of Pinot character and becomes increasingly perfumed with air (tinges of ginger even). Even more red-fruited on the palate, which is deceptively structured with the weightless density of archetypal Dom.
    A delicious vintage of Dom, drinking wonderfully now and should continue to for decades.

Imo, 2009 Dom is tied with the 2006 for my fave of the decade (which could easily change with the 2008). 2002 Dom after that, which might be at the top if not for the consistency issues. 2005 next. 2003 & (especially) 2004 just aren’t my cuppa. Never had a chance to try the 2000, 2001 or 2007 (was there even a 2001??).

$119 is a fantastic price.


Yes. Total disappointment a few months ago. Lost in ostensibly much lesser company at my birthday (I did discover how much I liked Jean Michel vintage Pinot Meunier, though).

I think that’s 09 in a nutshell. The wines are so good now that there’s a tendency to discount some extended cellar potential.

$149 at the Costco in Maui today