2009 Dom Perignon Hit The Shelf Locally Today

Just curious why you say the 2004 is the most similar. My sense is that the 2004 should be quite mineral and perhaps a bit more lean?

I enjoyed the 2009, but as you say it is quite rich.

Thanks for that, eye opening for sure.

I bought a 3-pack awhile ago on pre-arrival at $139.

I only had 2004 when it first came out; it was more opulent then and felt somewhat similar to the young 09 but ymmv. Some bottles of 02 were reasonably similar as well. I’m quite fond of 09 as a vintage and 09 Cristal is pretty awesome too if desperately young. Those last bottle deals for $150 look good in retrospect. I guess 03 would be the most similar of the Dom in bottle now but 09 is better.

Vinopolis Portland has these for $139 per or $799 for a sixer.

For my palate, this is an elegant but a bit straightforward Dom.

  • 2009 Dom Perignon Champagne - France, Champagne (1/14/2018)
    Very clean and refreshing nose displaying fresh granny smith, splash of lemon, a very slight hint of pineapple and red currant, sugar stick and limestone. Medium concentration, clean white fruit driven palate impression, very find abundant mousse, creamy, medium acidity, good mineral presence and a clean medium finish. There is a hint of bitterness that I associate with young Dom. This is clean and elegant but a bit straightforward at the moment. Hopefully it will gain some weight and complexity in a few years. (94 pts.)

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Thanks for input, Kevin.

I agree that of recent vintages, the 2004 is the most similar to 2009 (going back further, you could also make a slight case for 1990 or 1995), but that is like saying among the numbers of 1, 998, and 999, 1 and 998 are the most similar. 2009 has a similar brightness and precision to 2004, but is much more forward (and brighter) at a young age and much more fruity. I think 2009 will be the better wine in the long run and will drink well now and later. Today, I would rather drink the 2009 over the 2004 and in thirty years, I think I will prefer it as well, but time will tell. Overall, I am a big fan of the 2009 and think it is the best DP since the 95/96 duo.

Also, as for the numbers shown at the link How many bottles of Champagne are produced each year? – Glass Of Bubbly, the DP numbers are fairly accurate and some of the other producers numbers are too, but some are way, way off.