2007 Caymus SS

Awesome. Smells like a Ruth Chris’ steak. Buttery and beefy. Deep dark fruit on the nose as well. Huge palate of dark fruits and grilled meats. Velvety and full bodied. Lasts forever. My kind of wine.

Pop N Pour ? I need to try one of these

Pop and pour and on the cold side :slight_smile:

I’ve already had 2 of these and loved them both. Not need for air like the 06. Fantastic wine. I am considering going for another 6-pack.

you two talked me into it, tonight’s dinner wine . If I don’t like it I’m putting it in 375’s and
shipping each of you what’s left.

I gotta be honest…the $99 price tag at Costco had me pick one up too and try it. I really really liked it, even though it’s really young, it was still delicious…

15.4% EtOH scare anyone?

I picked up a bottle last month and it did have the faintest bit of EtOH on the palate, but the wine was a full throttle, in your face Cali Cab and I really liked it, so I went ahead and picked up a case.

Considering the EtOH levels, anyone want to speculate about the best drinking window for this wine? My view is that it’s not a super long ager, but would probably do well with a few years in the cellar. Maybe drink up in the 2012-2017 range?

I’m always concerned with high EtOH wines that if and when the fruit starts to mellow out with time, the EtOH will still be there and become a prominent feature. I don’t have evidence to back this up other than just thinking about it logically.


You are right. Perfect short term example was the 06 Carnival of love. Fruit is already mellow and its a booze fest. But if you cool it, its drinkable. Anyway, the 07 SS has fruit to spare. Mine are not lasting all that long in my cellar anyway. I love the wine.

I’ll take some perverse comfort in the fact that COL EtOH is well above 16% and at these levels you are really pushing the limits of what you can have in a wine and still not have it be over the top. The difference of just 1-2% can be huge. I’ll start drinking them early just in case things take a turn in the wrong direction.

Agree that SS has fruit to burn.


Yeah, the alcohol level on this wine put me off. Just not my cup of tea.

Berto & Otto,
We enjoyed the '07 Caymus SS last night, pop & pour. I didn’t detect the heat as Tom says, instead a really well put together wine with good fruit, and a nice rich mouthfeel. I was impressed, it had much
more going for it than I would have thought as this young stage.
Damn, I hate when I agree with you guys ! neener

You always agree with us guys. [training.gif]
Edit: Well, except for Randy… [smack.gif]

So happy you and Randy enjoyed the wine. Very smooth, well balanced wine. blahblah


That’s not fair, unless of course I resemble that remark. pileon

Actually, I found the 07 Caymus to be a departure from previous vintages. They have been a stalwart in consistency over the years, even in bad vintages. I found the 07 to be more fruit forward and more viscous, actually more atuned to my palate. If it doesn’t sell, a lot of it will be going home for dinner. I was quite impressed and you guys were right on with the tasting notes. [thumbs-up.gif]

As someone mentioned earlier… $99 at Costco is certainly tempting…
Still… the concern beside “is $99 even worthwhile”, is how well are these wines stored?

Good to hear it’s tasty tho…

This thing is still going strong on day two. Hmm…to buy more or not to buy more…
07 has killed my cc. And scarecrow, spottswoode, outpost, maybach, realm still pending. Crap.

The Caymus was really good until we cracked a Switchback PS w/homemade pizza tonight . It’s an OMFG wine. Where’s that emoticum
licking his lips? Scrumptious! Sorry for the drift.

Vintage Carrie, vintage. PS and pizza, who would’ve thought! newhere

It’s the ‘06. 3 hrs opened and screamin’ good, oh, the pizza was too. No Mac n cheez involved .