'16 MacD ship date

When did or does MacDonald ship their '16 wines?

Release note said 10/29


fyi mine hit ny yesterday

I got mine in NY yesterday or the day before.

Haven’t heard anything.

let the flipping begin :slight_smile:

What is this MacDonald you speak of? [dontknow.gif]

Got mine yesterday in western pa

Funny those on the other side of the country get theirs before those on the same side?

UPS dropped mine off yesterday. East coast also.

Full Pallet Arrived today !! [wow.gif] pileon

Warehouse is currently closed due to the fire;shipments are ready to go when it reopens.

I redirected my shipment to the local UPS warehouse. Picked it up today.

Did you actually have them ship your wine now? It’s been in the high 80’s all week here (south florida). I never take delivery until December (at the earliest).

I had them shipped on my older G5 ! (LOL)

Mine was delivered yesterday. Ceritas is being delayed.

Texas on hold

Ned - obviously I realized you were joking about quantity - I was asking about timing.

Mine are on weather hold.
(also south FL)