10th Annual DiFara's Pizza and Wine offline - February 21, 2023 Fat Tuesday

108 South Street NYC

Time 7:00 - 10:00. They’ll make pizza until 9:00.

Bring stems.

Since Dom passed away, the pizza comes out faster than it did 10 years ago.

Estimated cost this year is in the low $80’s. That’s an increase from last year. I didn’t think we’d have enough attendees to do this Offline last year because of the cost. The cost has gone up again. If people still want to attend, I’ll organize. If not, we’ve had a good run. Keep in mind this started 10 years ago when the cost was in the low $30’s.

Just between us, I wasn’t as pleased with the way the pizza came out. The cheese was placed on the pizza that was more chunklike than the way Dom use to make it. Just saying.

Please post if you’re interested in attending. If this event goes forward, I’ll ask for Paypal sometime in January.

What wine should I bring? We’ve found that everything goes well with pizza. Whites. Champagne. California Cabernet Sauvignon. You name it.

Several people have asked me to save them a spot on the list. If interested in attending, sign up. I won’t hold you to it until January.

We have to guarantee 20. The new location will be at the South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan.

Time: 7:00 - 10:00. They’ll make pizza until 9:00.
Bring glasses.


So far:

Dan Hammer
Joseph Grassa +2
Mattcitrang + 1
Juliec +1
MChang +2
Stephen_Chen +1
Mike P +2

Bold = Paid. I will try to update daily.


I am in, and my wife and a friend are interested as well.

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Myself +1 at this point. Let’s see how this develops.

I’m not happy with her quick expansion. I think the pies may be suffering.

I’ll give it a shot. The Ave J offline will never be duplicated.

My ferry terminal is just 3 blocks from this location.

It is the 10th Annual.

Please put me in Dan

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I’ll be updating the list time permitting.

Hi Dan, thanks for organizing. Count me in. Ty! And happy holidays.

Can you put me +1 as tentative? Thx

this is one ive been waiting to join. please add me? ill be going solo.

Please put me down!

I am interested in attending, please add me to the list. Thanks!


Just confirming I am interested!

There are 13 people on the list. We need to guarantee 20 to make this happen. I know this event is 2 months out, but I need to confirm with DiFara’s sooner, rather than later.

Happy Hanukkah from NY.

Someone should do a New Haven version of this😀. Ate at Pepe’s yesterday



In my Men’s Club, the guy with the idea becomes the Committee chair. :innocent:

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In +1.

I’m up for it! Put me down!

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Supposed to travel down to Florida this week but if we are around, my wife Laurie and I are DEFINITELY in. Will let you know as travel plans come together.

We’re up to 17.

Interested! Will confirm soon