Zoom wines

Last week, we began with a delightful fully mature Domaine de Chevalier 1975. Graves tell tale markers, leather, spice, gravel good fruit. 94

This week there were two wines, one red one white. The white was served blind, and although recognizably Chardonnay, certainly as more New World than Old World. Some pear, white peach, barley sugar (an English candy, which I am glad never made it here) and cloyingly sweet in the finish. Cannot say I liked it, and very disappointed when we found out it was a white Auxey from Roulot 2017. 83

Back on track was the Du Tertre 2005. This was a little controversial. I found much to like here, with dark fruit, a distinct green edge, and a floral quality. It was definitely slightly glossy, but it evolved nicely, and structurally very sound. Finish was medium. Others did not enjoy it as much. My score is a 90, I suspect others scored it considerably lower.

More important than the tastings, is the chance to reconnect with old friends. Not quite the same, but a lot better than doing nothing.

Thanks Mark.
My guess on the Roulot was an ambitious Macon from a really ripe year. I was surprised at Roulot,nat Cote d’Or, and at 2017. Certainly not QPR wine!
I think of myself as fairly tolerant of modern styled wines even if I prefer more traditional, but I thought the du Tertre was too glossy, though there was structure there.
But lots of fun( especially first week with delightful DDC). .