Zoetic Wines – 2nd year Newbie

Zoetic Wines is a micro-boutique winery producing small lot Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir from noteworthy vineyards in northern California. It was formed in 2012 by husband and wife team Kim and David Vance. Our hopes in producing these wines is that they will be shared with family and friends; bringing people together to love, laugh and create new memories with each sip.

For some of our background on how we got here…After working in the financial industry for over 15 years Kim realized something was missing. She had traveled to California’s wine country countless times and fell in love with the beautiful rolling vineyards, glorious wineries, and fantastic wines, as many people do. But during one trip in early 2008, a suggestion was made that she find a position on a harvest crew to really experience wine making. Thinking this would never be possible, she dismissed the comment immediately. However, it didn’t take long for that far-off suggestion to become reality and less than 8 months later, Kim was back in California working as a harvest intern for a boutique winery in San Francisco. Kim was enamored by the entire process and returned to work as a harvest intern for both 2009 and 2010 in the Russian River and Napa Valleys to increase her knowledge and experience.

After continuing to study and being involved in various aspects of the wine industry, Kim and David packed up their belongings and made the move from Texas to California to allow her to pursue the dream of producing her own wine.
We started with Russian River Pinot Noir, Kim’s favorite varietal and personal favorite region for Pinots. The second year brought on Sauvignon blanc, but with a twist. We introduced new French oak during the aging process to create a fuller-body Sauvignon blanc with so many additional characteristics.

As for the name…“Zoetic” is Latin for of or pertaining to life; living, vital. This has never been as true as with the production of wine. From the vineyard where the grapes are grown and influenced by soil, climate, and surroundings to the winery where the grapes are processed and are influenced by natural sugars, yeasts and tannins. Zoetic Wines encapsulates all of these living things and we couldn’t be happier with our namesake.

We hope you give our wines a try and welcome any feedback you may have. We are overjoyed to be a part of Berserker Day VIII.

All the best,
Kim & David Vance

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I bought the Zoetic BDVII offer last year. The Pinot Noir was great and I’m really looking forward to seeing their offer for this year!

Thanks for your support Sheila!!