Zinfandel - Which Sonoma producers should I look for to visit and buy?

I will be in Sonoma end of the month. Aside from Rafanelli and David Coffaro, which other producers in the Healdsburg/Geyserville/Dry Creek area are at the top of your list for visiting, buying and drinking?



Brian’s recs are very solid. Somona is the heart of CA old vine zin. The Ridge facility is at Lytton Springs.


Williams Selyem (new facility)
Scherrer (hard to find, but worth the search, call in advance)
Joseph Swan

There are many more, the countryside is gorgeous and the atmosphere is relaxed!

How do I find Bedrock? Website has only a PO Box.

I had forgotten that Ridge had a Tasting Room in Geyserville, so that is a bonus.

I recall the old Swan Zins from 70s and 80s. Are they still on their game?

They’re a few miles south of that area (close to Graton / Sebastopol), but I’d highly recommend Scherrer.

And along River Road a bit east of Scherrer, there’s Woodenhead too.

In Dry Creek Valley, Papapietro Perry makes some very good Zin too.

Notice a pattern? I seem to like Zin made by producers better-known for their Pinot Noir. [cheers.gif]

Let me give a strong second to Mike’s Scherrer recommendation, though the winery is out to the south west, near the intersection of Guernville Rd and Hwy 116. I’ll balance that by saying I probably wouldn’t waste any time at Martinelli :wink: And yes, Swan makes some nice Zins as well. Seghesio is another favorite.

I agree with Ken.

I would add:

Kokomo (across the lot from Papapietro Perry at Timbercrest Farms)
Novy (Siduri’s non Pinot label)

We have also wandered in random tasting rooms in the Dry Creek Valley and had good success.


Joseph Swan zins are some of the best zins IMO. They are also incredibly priced. Highly recomended.

You’re not going to find a tasting room for Bedrock but if you contact Morgan he’s a pretty nice kid. Just plan on buying some Stellwagen and have him pop one for you as a taste when you stop by to pick it up. He’s over in Carneros off of Arnold Dr on the west side of Sonoma.

Totally forgot about Hartford Family and they are a stones throw from me on Martinelli Rd in Forestville.

Nalle if you like more restrained and lower alcohol Zins.

We won’t be in Carneros area of Sonoma. Who (retail) sells Bedrock in Santa Rosa, Healdsburg or Geyserville?

Best chance of finding any BedRock would be at BottleBarn in SantaRosa. If you crawl over the wall on the west side
of the parking lot, that’ll put you in the Carlisle parking lot. But it’s a tall wall and your rock wall climbing skills are
probably next to none. So a pole vault may be the way to go. That should be a real sight…Bernie in tight/Spandex pole
vaulting outfit!!!

Next Iron Wino competition…

In Dry Creek, Zichichi Vineyards makes some outstanding old vine estate zins (and the petite sirah isn’t bad either). Check them out when you are there. Jim

Old vines planted in the 1940s. I’d like to check them out myself. Contact info?

Mike, I’ll bet they have a web site. We stopped in there a few years ago on a Barrel Tasting weekend, must have been the first time they were open. Wines were decent, probably even better by now.

Here it is:
http://www.zichichifamilyvineyard.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


Talti up north
Unti also very good

Thanks Alan!

old bartolozzi vineyard. Ridge used their fruit in the ATP program I think.

For my tastes (traditional, old world wines w low alcohol and little new oak) I struggle with zin. I see a lot of potential but I also see a lot of wine made in styles that I can’t really appreciate.

That said, I am a big fan of Scherrer Zinfandel and Scherrer in general. I have mixed feelings on Nalle, Bucklin, Ridge and Rafenelli. I think they make top notch wines but I frequently find them bigger and oakier than I like. I have less experience with Swan zins but thus far have been impressed. I have less than mixed feelings on most other zins which disappoints me, to be honest. I want to like the wines more as California’s calling card but I’ve largely given up.