Zepaltas Chicago May 17th

I will be in Chicago to promote Zepaltas Wines, and attend the West of West tasting on the 20th. I am trying to see if any Berserkers would be interested in getting together at a BYOB on Monday the 17th. I plan on bringing a lineup of old library wines and the current releases to share. I would love to get something together for some good food and wines. Please chime in if you are interested.

Ryan Zepaltas

Interested! Mark me down for +1.

I’ll be attending the west of west festival as well, so see you there!

Sounds good Michael. Do you have any recs on good BYOBs.I have some friend letting me know about some others, but would be interested to know your faves.

Ryan, are you looking to get together on Sunday the 17th or Monday the 18th? In your original post, you indicated Monday the 17th.

I am interested. and +2 friends

Monday May 18th-sorry i have a teething baby and it was a little foggy in my head last night

Also interested and a +1.

There are loads of good BYOs Ryan. Do you have any food preferences? The good news is that on a Monday night we should be able to get in almost anywhere we want without trouble.

Hi Corey,
I love pretty much anything. I have no allergies and am not a fussy eater. As long as it goes good with the wines, I am open to anything.


Are you staying downtown?

TBD-most likely

Several restaurants that BYO are closed Mondays…let me give this some thought.

***I reached out to see if we could get corkage waived at a place that might be fun…stay tuned.

Many good byob options!

For a bigger group though (over 6) this picking are smaller.

My favorite at the moment is braciola. We did another offline there from WS forum and it was great. Food is delicious and their back room has lots of space. Great patio if it’s warm enough too.

Other ideas fellow Chicagoans? Looking forward to meeting some of you for the first time.

Briciola is closed on Mondays.

Well, shit! Let me keep thinking here. I’m assuming close to downtown is the goal?

Location doesn’t matter as long as i can get there reasonably quickly via taxi/uber/train


Perhaps Osteria Langhe, as they are known to waive corkage and could accommodate our group?

This sounds good. Would you like me to book a table or do you have any connections there?

Bump. anyone else interested?


I’ll book for 8 – they aren’t byo all the time so I’ll have to call.

Corey, thanks for organizing this! [cheers.gif]

Please respond after this post if you are a definite for Monday May 18 – I want to get a firm headcount. I will update this post so we have a running count.

Ryan – anything in particular that you’d like us to bring? Maybe a nice sherry like Harvey’s Bristol Cream? (Do they still make that even?)

Ryan Z. - the big cheese, guest of honor, Zeus, amanaplanacanalpanama
Corey +2
David L+2
Michael K +1
Rich Anacnanda