So, the big ZAP Zin tasting is coming up on Jan 30th at the Fort Mason center in SF. Who’s going?

I wish! [cry.gif]

Me too. Back in the day they’d have an east coast version but I guess we don’t figure into their marketing plans any more. [cry.gif]

I’ll be there for the events on all three days.
Alderbrook Winery

Only me and Byran? Damn, we’re going to have a lot of wine left over!

Send the bottles to Sadat X. neener

I’ve never gone to ZAP, always sounded like a mob scene.


I avoid Fort Mason events (wine and otherwise) like the plague, they cram people in there worse than a Tokyo subway at rush hour…

Have done ZAP a few years but not this one. Zoo that it may be, it is fun. My favorite part is at the end, where you can hear glass after glass being dropped. Don’t forget to bring a thick rubber mat to stand on. Cheers!

Though I haven’t been to ZAP in some 10 yrs (though I still have a very soft spot in my heart for that variety), I regularly go to the RhoneRangers
and FamilyWinemakers events at FtMason. Not been on a Tokyo sub (but done see’d some pics), but I’d hardly describe those events
with that descriptor.

I’ll be at the Thursday night event. The higher price keeps a lot of the kids away.

Photos from last year.

Well, I’ve more than one negative (due to obscene overcrowding) wine and non-wine event there (and these were expensive, ticketed events), so I’m done with the place… only “big” tastings I trust are those run by local wine retailers like K&L, Beltramo’s, etc…

I’m planning to go, it depends on other commitments.
I managed to blag a media pass so it’s no big deal if I can’t make it.

I’ll be going but I am not really that crowd adverse and it seemed that last year the crowd was slightly smaller than in the past.

Come say hi to me at the Peachy Canyon booth!

Will do!