I fully realize this will be a futile question, but as a last resort:

Does anyone know a source that has or soon will have Zalto universal or Bordeaux stems please?

Let the laughter commence!

Thanks all,

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Supposedly March - 67 Pall Mall Clubs orders should be filled by then according to this thread from those in the glass biz

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Retailer in St. Louis says they expect to get some in April FWIW.

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FWIW they were sold out even in Austria (where they are made) when I checked in September and then again in December. Not sure what has happened since then…

Didn’t realize, will have to wash them even more carefully.


I got a replacement Bordeaux one fairly recently at Rosehill Wine Cellar supplies. They are based in Toronto but appear to ship to the U.S. Their web site should show if they are available

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ask to buy on commerce corner. Someone may want to sell.

I was in Austria a few weeks ago and couldn’t find any Zalto or Gabriel Gold.

I’d sell someone my Burgundy glasses that I used like twice. Like Al says, being very careful with my Bordeaux glasses. Maybe time to try the Spiegelau Definition knockoff version at less than half the price?

They are very good in my opinion and being machine made are more consistent - 3x Universal glasses I tried (118-119g Spiegelau, 114-125g Zaltos). Have lent some at dinners “blind” to Zalto using friends and they didn’t notice a difference until I asked them to look closer.

Notwithstanding the Zalto supply issues, it’s going to be very hard for me to justify the price difference when replacing breakages in future and for things like housewarming gifts it’s a no brainer value wise (either 2x as many glasses or adding a decanter or nice bottle to make up the difference).

I bought some zalto universal a couple years ago and after checking the price last week, they’re like 30-35% more expensive.

I believe you can get josephinenhütte at a similar price. They look nice and made by the same guy that designed the zaltos, I’d like to try them, anyone has?

I also switched from Zalto to Spiegelau Definition. The difference is so small, but the price difference is huge. I am not looking back. is my source for the Zalto Bordeaux stems. I think I’m down to four and is the only shape I use for professional tasting. Emily Schindler is on WB, right?

Agreed! Less than halt the price and I am really happy with the Spiegelau. Just saw they launched a white wine glass in the series but it doesn’t look quite the same as the Zalto white wine to me. I like the Zalto white wine for champagne more than I do the Zalto champagne.

Another vote for Spiegelau.

For those that have them both, I’m curious how the Spiegelau definition (universal and Bordeaux) compare to the Zalto line in terms of glass thickness, especially at the lip and the stem. Anyone able to provide a few more details?

I have both. Holding both in the hand at the same time you can definitely feel the zalto is lighter and overall feels more delicate. Also the lip and stem are a tad slimmer. However when not comparing them at exactly the same time you feel the same drinking experience with the Definition as with the Zalto.

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I have no experience with Zalto but most of the wine glasses are from Spiegelau - specially for Bordeaux.

I bought a pair of the red glasses. Then I signed up for email and won in a monthly drawing, just received a pair of white. I haven’t used the white glasses yet. I’ve never held Zalto so not much to compare with however the Josephinenhutte are beautiful. So incredibly thin that the box that comes in the mail feels like it’s empty. Then when you hold them it’s hard to believe they are hand blown. The one thing I haven’t quite figured out is the best way to clean the red glasses - my hand doesn’t fit through the mouth, and they are deep enough that I can’t reach the bottom. It’s possible that the Universal ones would not have this issue.

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Any thoughts on the Spiegelau Definition Bordeaux vs the Definition Universal for general use? I mostly drink Rhone varietals and California old vine Zinfandel.