Zalto Glasses & Gabriel Glas

Inventory on my website is live but I will advise that items below marked with an * are in short supply and/or may be shipping to you a week after sale day as I’m waiting on my skids to leave my import facility and get to me next week.

As always, shipping is free.

I’m sad to report that prices are up slightly from last year. A EU/USD run from 1.05 to 1.17-1.23 will do that. Ugh.

To order, go to my site: Fill your cart and checkout. Note: While it is a yellow PayPal banner and you can use PayPal, the link will also allow you to use plastic. Just click through and you’ll see the options.

Coupon is: “Sinkhole” (no quotes, but capital S)

and that’s worth 20% off of retail.

Zalto’s - Retail Price then the 20% off price
Bordeaux: $61 - $48.80
Burgundy: $63 - $50.40
Universal: $59 - $47.20
Champagne*:$57.00 - $45.60
White*:$57.00 - $45.60
Water: $55.00 - $44.00
Digestif: $55.00 - $44.00
Sweet: $57.00 - $45.60

Axium Decanter*: $114 - $91.20
Mystique Decanter*: $134 -$107.20

Gabriel Glas Gold - $55 retail, 45 me, after discount, $37.50


February 2nd updates:

Folks - offer is still valid, use the code if you wish.
For those who missed out on stock (decanters for example) - yes, I’ll honor it until new stock arrives (5-6 weeks into California)

Orders which only contained Zalto products have all been shipped and should have arrived/be arriving today/tomorrow.

Orders containing Gabriel Glas, I’m still not in possession of my stems but they are in route so I’ll be packing and shipping shortly. They are apparently stuck intermodal in the US somewhere, but they are in the US.

February 7 update
Delivery to my facility confirmed on Friday, i’ll spend the weekend packing and your glasses will be in route on Monday.
Thanks for the patience. The coupon code will remain in effect for 60 more days.

February 11th update
“SNOMAGEDDON”…20" of the white stuff hit us starting Thursday night and YRC cancelled my skids due to a lack of drivers. I’ve been told Monday is my delivery day and I’ll be taking either Monday or Tuesday off to package and ship your wares. Sorry about this delay folks. But they are coming…stay tuned for the next update will be “They shipped” (i hope).

no GG?

I just tested the code with an order and the discount was applied to the GG as well as the Zalto. Which is a relief as I’ve had some breakage over the last year.

Yes, i have GG - but, candidly folks, look at Tempe’s offer. She’s at wholesale. I cannot do what she’s doing. HAPPY to sell to you for $37.50 and you may want to compare net pricing after shipping as mine is included… Food for thought.

Thanks Chris.


I recommend Chris wholeheartedly. Have purchased from him multiple times. Great service, and a better person. Order in!

Arnold should’ve been more careful

Ordered again this year… Great glasses and fabulous guy

2 more GG hand blown because the price is too good to pass up!

Chris is reliable and a good offer. We have a cabinet full of his glass.

Order in–thanks Chris

Chris is scrupulously honest and a great guy! Glad I finally met him at Berserkerfest this past summer. I have bought many glasses from him and things always ran like clockwork. Luckily, or unluckily, we don’t need any this year since breakage is down since Aida moved to Humboldt! [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

Marshall [berserker.gif]

Ordered some too. Thanks!

Got some. Thanks for the deal!

Thanks for the orders and kind thoughts folks.

Disregard my PM, I sent that before you posted your offer

OMG!!! Post of the day!

Great timing. Was just needing some Zaltos. Thanks, Chris!

I’ve dealt with Chris a couple of times…and concur with AlexG and Marshall that, he’s ACES.

Buy with confidence!