Zalto Champagne Flute Packages - Offer Extended!

As I told the Donors during their sneak preview, I expect ALL of you to order this, as I worked very hard to get Stephan in BerserkerDay

Zalto - The Wine Monger

6-pack and 4-pack Champagne stem packages, with discounted shipping!

6 Zalto Champagne glasses $354 retail value.
2 Bottles Marie-Courtin Champagne Resonance $120 retail value
Shipping Value $40 (this offer will require two shipments)
$503 value - $399 shipping included (+tax)

4 Zalto Champagne glasses $236 retail value.
1 Bottle Marie-Courtin Champagne Resonance $60 retail value
Shipping Value $40 (this offer will require two shipments)
$323.50 Value - $244.50 shipping included

Picky picky but I was dreaming of this one. Anyway we could get the wine out of the offer so it can ship to TX?

Since it is two shipments, you should ask and see if that is possible…

I’ve never seen or used the zalto flutes. Can someone who has comment on the durability/fragility and on the performance? I’ve been veering away from flutes in favor of white burgundy glasses lately, but I’m very interested and would love some advice. Thanks in advance.


I have them and they are one of my favorite glasses. They are incredibly dainty and feel very fragile, but I have not broken one yet (I’ve only broken like 3 glasses in my life, though…). That dainty feel is one thing I love about them, though. I too prefer Champagne in larger glasses sometimes, but these aren’t really flutes in the traditional sense. They are slight bowls… I just love the way they feel in my hand. So graceful. And I did a comparison of taste and aroma in the glass, and I do feel it had the slight advantage for Champagne over other glasses I’ve used.

Cool, I even have a photo of me using it with my wife at our champagne tasting:


Great place to store the bike David. Wouldn’t fly in my home.

I’m sure you all figured this-- but the glasses & the bottle of Champagne will ship in separate packages. You will likely get the Zalto’s a few days before the Champers.

Here’s a photo:

I am NOT a fan of flutes, but I love these - I’ve got 4

Zalto glasses are Awesome. I’ve been betting that drum for a while. They are durable and dishwasher safe. And I love the look of them, but that’s just me.

I’d NEVER put mine in the dishwasher! Wow, you’ve got brass balls.

Interesting note on flutes

Which is why I’m not a fan of flutes, but these have a larger bowl, and opening. I used to use Rhone or Burg stems with Champagne, and these are the only ‘flutes’ I could enjoy the nose of Champagne with. Plus they are elegant as hell.

looks very similar to the Riedel Vitis…

Oh yeah, look at that… the Vitis is a much more substantial glass, though (thicker, larger). What I love about the Zalto is the grace and lightness of it.

But don’t get me wrong, almost all of my other glasses are Riedels. I love them too.

I’ve tried most of the major Champagne glasses and these are tough flutes. Initially I was concerned about their fragility because they are so light but I’ve only broken one in 2 years of frequent use. And yes, I put them in the dishwasher after every use with no scratches or breakage. Winning!

yeah was just noticing the similar shape… does look like a much thicker stem… not to mention the Riedel is just as, if not more expensive it seems…

In for a 4-pack.

FYI, there is a shipping charge, amounted to $13 for OR

And we shipped 'em out today… (tracking number to follow in an email shortly)

not really flutes. very similar to riedel extremes but more durable and way less expensive. good bubbles bonus. got the 6 person survival kit. wish i had 360 of these in telluride by the end of next week. anyone?