Zalto Beer Glasses PSA

Huge discount on these guys right now. Barney’s has the best deals sometimes.

Out of stock.

Seriously? I just bought 4 myself…

Nice snag

Damn they went fast. Always check Barney’s Warehouse for Riedel and Zalto. There are some great deals to be had throughout the year.

Drats! Too late. I’ve been looking to get some nice beer glasses and I can’t bring myself to pay the price for Teku glasses.

just use a normal bordeaux stem. Why bother with those low rent teku glasses? I have these Zalto beer stems (and the speig ipa stems) but i always find myself reaching for my zalto bordeaux when I drink beer.

I’ve tried that before with my GG universals but it just feel so top heavy filled with beer. Maybe that’s just me. I’m just using oversized brandy glasses for now.

no different from being filled with wine.

Lol, you fill your entire glass with wine?

I love my Zalto Universals. But when I fill them with too much wine, they do feel very top heavy and like they could snap at the stem.

As an aside, the Zalto’s have reduced my Reidel’s to dust collectors.

Zaltos have sidelined my Riedels as well. But I have found an excellent use for them in line with what Charlie suggests.

The Riedel Vinum Oregon Pinot glasses with tulip shape and lip are very sturdy. They are perfect for drinking Belgian beers!

Are you sure you don’t live in Williamsburg?

What’s wrong with a good ol’ pint glass?

In all seriousness, I do sometimes use my wine stems for beer. A full 12 oz. bottle (or half a bomber) fills them up and they’re top-heavy, as many above have mentioned. That’s why I say, “Eff it…” and grip that sucker mid-bowl. I’m so low brow.

I do have a few pint glasses, but it feels like I don’t get the same head and nose on certain styles of beers.

Don’t see the difference between pouring 3-4 oz of wine and pouring 3-4 oz of beer at a time.

Purely psychological and aesthetic for me. Something about seeing a full glass with a good 1 inch head makes the seem to taste better.

That’s the same for me. Additionally, wine often gets better the longer it sits (in bottle, or in my glass), but it’s rare that beer does. So, I pour most or all of the bottle and go for it.

I’m just too lazy to hand wash beer glasses. I use Speig snifters or their IPA glasses (and the other two in that series) most of the time. They’re all fine to put in the dishwasher. Generally, I’ll only pull out a wine glass if it’s for a special sour.

Plenty of great craft beers out there they get significantly better with air.