Zachys Auction

Did anyone see those Schrader prices?


Yep, I couldn’t believe it. I’m glad it’s not my style of wine.

If he was looking where to price his 2007s, very scary.

No absentee bidding, just suckers in the room, it would appear.

Yeah, I always worry where my mailing list wines have been. pepsi

Good thing the mailer already came in April

I saw it, I just was emphasizing it, hence the pepsi

pepsi pepsi pepsi

So I take it that bids were over the top?

Looks like every thing hammered at or around what CT is showing for the most recent winebid quarterlies. 200 on the Georges through 400+ on the CCS. Pretty steep before the vig. Hopefully prices will hold on the 08.

The Mag cases were where the smart money was IMHO. Prices on Mags were much less on most items.
For instance, 12 bottles cases were 3600 - 4000 on a 2006 Beckstoffer bottles, Mag 6 pack only $2800. Thats the same amount of wine for a 20% savings. This seemed to be the norm on most mag lots.

I had one bid in (absentee) but missed hammer by $50. I forgot the auction was today.

Prices were crazy on the Schrader. Can only wonder if this is just a new way for the winery to market and sell through a different channel, a lot of current release wines? Enough people drop off Colgin, Bryant, Maya, or other labels, and you might see this scenerio repeat itself!

Agreed Nick, which is why I mentioned the barometer for Schrader, but I did not realize he released prices in April.

Does anyone have those prices handy?

They were $150 a bottle on release. Sparky Magnums were $400

Thanks Steve…unreal…

They were also pouring tastes of many of the wines including all of the 07’s during the auction. They showed pretty well which probably helped the bidding.
Bordeaux prices were also pretty firm.

i hope this wasn’t a test of where to price the '08s.

Of course it was.