Yowsa! 2016 Fleurie "Les Garants" (P-M Chermette)

2016 Fleurie “Les Garants” (P-M Chermette)
Medium purple/red color.
Fine chalky, floral, red raspberry nose.
High toned, raspberry/cranberry/pomegranate fruit with a long, coffee aftertaste.
Young, but still quite tasty with everything in place for positive development over the next decade.
Archetypal Fleurie here [cheers.gif]
I bought me some!
[93+ pts]


Chermette did a great job in 2016. The Coeur de Vendanges bottling of Beaujolais-Villages is also utterly delicious.

I have always loved this somewhat under the radar producer. They slayed it in the 2011 vintage, I bought multiple cases of most of the cuvées. And I think I’ve drank through most of them, just flat out delicious.

They are too far south for most folks to visit. Same situation for several others in that neck of the woods.

The vineyard Weinlagen

Huh? Morgon is further south than Fleurie and many folks find their way there.

I’m a big fan of this producer. For those who like it imo their nouveau is the best I’ve tried.

Chermette’s winery is closer to Lyon than Morgon.

While the wine that’s the subject of this thread is a Fleurie, Chermette’s winery is in Saint Vérand, which is three quarters of an hour drive to the south (give or take) of Morgon and the other crus.

On a visit to Paris last November, my wife and I went to La Cagouille on the spur of the moment and arrived towards the end of a staff wine tasting. To cut a long story short, we were plied with all sorts of complimentary pours, one of which was Chermette’s 2017 Beaujolais Nouveau, which the proprietor made clear was a favorite of his. It was eye-openingly good.

Yeah it’s crazy have a glass, realized you’ve finished the bottle good.

And a steal! If you have a retailer smart enough to still be selling it. This “Oldveau” is one of my go to red this summer.

I absolutely love Chermette/Vissoux – in particular the Fleurie Poncie and MaV Trois Roches. Up there with Foillard/Coudert/Lapierre at the top of Beaujolais for me.

I doth concureth…