Your top 3 GREATEST Montrachets ever tasted?

Montrachet(Le Montrachet) is considered the greatest expression of Chardonnay….and possibly the greatest wine period! WHAT ARE YOUR TOP 3 YOU’VE EVER TASTED? Not producers……but single wines! Unfortunately I don’t have enough experience with the Monty…so I can’t answer my own question….but I can tell you the greatest in my dreams……the 2007 DRC! [wink.gif]

haven’t tasted a ton, but…

  1. 2001 Domaine des Comtes Lafon Montrachet
  2. 2005 Marquis de Laguiche (Joseph Drouhin) Montrachet
  3. 1978 Marquis de Laguiche (Joseph Drouhin) Montrachet

my top three Montrachets:
1986 Ramonet
1996 Ramonet
1982 Ramonet

'96 & '97 Marquis de Laguiche Monty

Both tasted over 10 years ago. Can still taste both today. Wish these were in my budget.

68 DRC
95 Colin
95 Drouhin south end of vineyard
95 north end of vineyard

when did you try the 07?

my top montys from what i can recall:
-08 drc
-88/04 marc colin
-04 pierre morey

91 DRC and Ramonet side-by-side. 96 Marc Colin

07…you didn’t see my drc Monty dream posts?!? :astonished:

I guess I could answer my own question…

1989 Gagnard-Delagrange from mag…astonishingly good, perfect!
2008 DRC…amazing but needs years to tone down the botrytis
2004 Marc Colin mag…pure and youthful

nope… :slight_smile:

i guess i also had that gagnard delagrange haha champagne.gif

1993 Domaine Leflaive
2004 DRC
1983 Ramonet

We just had an 88 Pierre Morey Montrachet that was amazing. One of the top 3 white burgs I had in 2015.

The '07 is amazing, but the '08 is even better!

Haven’t had the '10 yet, bet that would be right up there as well…

For me I couldn’t split the '78 and '86 DRC Montrachet.

Then probably the '08 Leflaive Montrachet, followed by a raft of other DRC’s, including the very underrated '03!.

The 1st bottle of this was fabulous for sure, the next 2 not quite so much.

  1. 1961 Prieur
  2. 1966 Marquis de Laguiche
  3. 1997 Jadot

I’ll play… quite surprising to me looking at my own scores actually:

  1. 1999 Sauzet
  2. 1996 Sauzet
  3. 1995 Guy Amiot

There are smattering of Marquis de Laguiche bottlings going back to the 1980s and a few from various members of the Gagnard family that are not too far behind.

DRC 1998
Bouchard 2000 and
Amiot 1991.

My only 3:

1990 Drouhin
1996 Ramonet
1987 Amiot Bonfils (This one had serious Premox, about 20 years before I knew what that was)

My next prefer 3 :

Bouchard 1986
Prieur 1998 ( side by side with 1998 DRC )
Bouchard 2008.

My prefer producer - by far : Bouchard.

My most memorable white : Prieur -Chevalier Montrachet 1999 flirtysmile …( which was served in the same event on 30.09.2011 with Prieur - Montrachet 1999; Prieur - CC 1999 and B-du-Martry - CC 1999).

  1. 1966 DRC
  2. 1992 Leflaive
  3. 1996 Ramonet

1989 DRC
2010 Henri Boillot
various DRC

The two I have not had, Lafon and Lefleive…on my bucket list.

Had the 2010 and the 2008 DRC Montrachets last night for my wife’s birthday - Fabulous
the 08 is rich and opulent with ( a touch of botrytis ) and enough acidity for great balance and the 2010 is even better with great purity and freshness. 2004 Montrachet from DRC is my 2nd favorite after the 2010. Had the 1989 from methuselah 8 years ago that was celestial, but also very hard not to include the early to mid 80’s Ramonets( 82/85/86 ) which were my first mature Montrachets and otherworldly .
I’m sure their complexity , freshness,balance and purity could compete with all comers.