Your preferred wine glass for Riesling wines?

Any preference on shape, size, etc.?

No need to name a particular brand, unless you feel compelled to do so.

Over the years, my preference has shifted to a smaller glass, with a slight tulip shape. I don’t like having to refill it every few minutes, but I like that the smaller pours never get a chance to warm up too much.

Do you use the same glass for all Rieslings or do you think different wines show better in a particular glass (Kabinett vs. Auslese, for example)?

Thanks again for your insights!

For dry wines, I use the basic Spiegelau white-wine shape. It’s far from unique, but the stem is sturdy and the glasses were cheap.

For wines with RS I use the Spiegelau “digestiv” shape, which I think is perfect for such wines.

You do mean those really small glasses? They are great for managing consumption when I need to keep my wits about me.

Three sips per pour, wonderful concentration of aromas, and the wine doesn’t get too warm before you need to refresh the glass. They’re ideal; never found better.