Your preferred food pairings with Pedro Ximénez

I have a dozen or so odd bottles of PX collected over the years ranging from a 1945 Massandra Collection to some recent Equipo Navazos. It’s been years since I drank a PX so wondering on your thoughts on the perfect match as I’d like to revisit a few bottles soon. Thanks.

Vanilla ice cream.

Well, actually, chocolate tart. With very good chocolate.

How about a dry white PX to go with the food, and then move on to Guillaume’s suggestion?

P Hickner

montecristo petite edmundo.

Can’t remember the last cigar I had but it sounds good! Guillaume’s chocolate suggestion sounds sterling and am racking my brain to what dessert The Ledbury served with PX at one of our Wimps wine lunches (see you at another soon Guillaume, but at La Trompette) but memory fails me.

Motor oil?? [scratch.gif]

phil, i was in london a week or so ago… La Trompette was awesome!

salted nuts. anything salty, really.

The joy and problem with PX sherry is that its so heavy in texture and richly sweet in flavor that any accompaniment must be both just as richly sweet and either able to refresh the mouth – which is why vanilla ice cream or a nicely chilled panna cotta go so well with it – or compliment the flavor – which is why chocolate tart and pecan pie go so well with it. I’d also suggest apple pie as a change of pace as well. If you go the pie route, however, make sure to have a nice tall glass of cold water with your dessert as well because you’ll need it.

Another option to consider is a savory pairing – especially chicken, pork or steak. They go stunningly well with PX sherry and I’m surprised more people don’t do it. But again, as it’s not a refreshing combo, you’ll need water again.

If that thought doesn’t appeal to you, COOK the chicken, pork or steak with the PX sherry and drink a lighter wine with the finished meal. PX sherry and mushroom chicken is my favorite boozed up stir-fry along with bourbon chicken.

Yes, PX is SO sweet that sweet pairings, even though the flavors can go well together, would make me really sick of sweets before I got through a glass of the wine or a serving of the dessert.

Brilliant… this makes so much sense. Thanks.

I admire a good PX but I don’t really regard it as drinkable.

I like dishes featuring dates and/or figs. I have a fig tart recipe where I mix a little PX in with the mascarpone cream filling and it pairs beautifully.

One pairing I liked very much was with a not overly-sweet pecan pie with a little schlag. Very memorable.