Your Gin?

Nice article from David Wondrich in the current Saveur about various types of gins available now.

I’m a London Dry person, Plymouth if I get it locally, Boodles if I’m in SC.
Curious if anyone has tried some of the new concoctions Wondrich talks about, and if so, what do you like-

My house gin has been Plymouth for a few years going. I’m glad you started this thread because I’m ready for something new and gin season is just around the corner.


In fact, now I want to have a martini!

Not a big Gin drinker but have enjoyed Sarticious Gin from Santa Cruz.

+1 (on both counts)

Atta boy, Ken!

I’m just about finished with mine! (Hendricks with a twist)

Plymouth. Or if not available, Tanqueray (NOT Ten) or Boodles. I love old-school gin. Some of the new ones are like flavored vodka or rum, or ‘wood finished’ malt whisky. Don’t like them, either.

Wish Plymouth Navy Strength was sold in the US.

Another fan here.

I use Damrak at home, the juniper is present but more subtle than others. Makes a good Basil Martini.

Bols Genever is also good for drinks like a gin fizz.

I hear Millers is excellent, but have not had a chance to try it. Besides Millers, what I’m also interested in trying, are the more International styles of Gin, like Citadelle (sp?) - the guys from Pierre Ferrand Cognac make that, which is supposed to have a lot of complexity with the botanicals. Sounds like a Cognac version of Gin. Magellan also sounds appealing since they steep Iris petals in the gin.

Bombay, sometimes the Sapphire and when I want something different, Hendricks or Cadenheads Old Raj.

Most of the time it’s Beefeater for G&T, martini, or Gibson, but I’ve been known to down Hendrick’s from time to time.

The article mentions my new favorite gin - Ransom Old Tom. Very interesting, and nothing like any other gin I’ve ever had. I helped Tad with the mashing part of the process and I still have one of the first bottles produced.

Boy you’ve got that right. Very different. And very tasty!

No love for Fritz Maytag’s Junipero from San Francisco?

Was a Tanq 10, now a Miller’s Reformed London Dry guy.

Very tasty, and doesn’t kick my ass the next day as Tanq does!

I have not been drinking much gin in the recent past. I used to be a sucker for Bombay Sapphire & tonic, yes I admit it.

Currently, No. 209 Gin is my all-around favorite. Really intense aromatics.

I have tried the Bols and Anchor’s Genieveve and I must admit I’m not a fan of the pot-still, Genever style.

Plymouth is a great go-to.

I’ve been grabbing an occasional bottle of Triple 8/Cisco’s Gale Force Gin or Berkshire Distiller’s Graylock Gin just to support local distilleries.

I do have some recent love for Junipero. Damrak is my current favorite though.

My two favorites…

Slightly off-topic, but we’re heading over to London next week and I was looking to book my family someplace for Tea. One place is featuring “G and Tea”, which features drinks made with “Beefeater 24” which I hadn’t heard of. Probably makes the finger sandwiches go down easier, though…

The more botanical (especially juniper and pine) the better for me.

Standard fall-back is Tanqueray (not 10)

If you can find it, Rogue Spruce Gin is great (they’ve also just come out with a version that’s pink, not sure what’s up with it)

Aviation (the brand, not the drink) is also good.

Whitley Neil (sp?) is very interesting, but a bit less tuned to my palate.

Interetsed in trying Blue Coat, based on the article.