Your favorite Thomas Rivers Brown wine?

I am a big Outpost freak but recently tried Casa Piena 16, blew me away. Now wondering what else I’m missing from TRB…

Rivers-Marie Chardonnay, Pinot, Cabernet

RM Sonoma Coast PN, followed closely by Mending Wall Petite Sirah.

Seaver GTS Cabernet Sauvignon

Maybach Materium. Only Cali Cab I routinely buy in this price range.

Summa Old Vines!

GTS has been on my radar but hard to come by…will continue the hunt

Rivers-Marie for sure, but huge fan all around.

Had 15 Outpost True Vynd Cabernet las night, hedonistic but truly delicious

Rivers Marie
Outpost True
Schrader rarely disappoints as well

I (among others) did the pumpovers on that wine, believe it or not.

Anyone have Round Pond Secret Garden?

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Schrader CCS BTK has blown me away every time I’ve had it, across multiple vintages going back to 2006.

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Tons of it lol … as much as a ~$200 wine from Rutherford can be an “under the radar value” … the comps that I would come up with among wines I’ve actually had are all decidedly more expensive or have significantly longer waitlists.

I brought a ‘10 Schrader to a double blind (other than knowing what you brought yourself) Napa vs BDX tasting a month or so ago and group-wide it was the WOTN among plenty of super seconds, Harlan, Maybach and others.

I would say ditto on this one for Cab - I am partial to RM Silver Eagle Pinot. After “winning” the Schrader auction at Falltacular a few years back, Carol Schrader generously brought four older vintages of CCS to the dinner including one which was before it was called CCS (in addition to a Boars View Pinot and Chard). Amazing!

Thanks Josh another I can aspire too…

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Both Maybach wines are always well made, along with Riverain BBS (2016), and Sodhani Reserve ((2013)

Your name should actually be Zelig. You continue to revive my faith in critics.

All of the above, except for Round Pond, but I no longer buy Outpost and Schrader since they “sold out” to THE MAN. :slight_smile: I also was unable to get on the GTS list because Will wouldn’t let me on. :frowning:

Lyrix. If you like Cali Cabs you should be on their mailing list.