You know you have WAD (Wine acquisition disorder) when....

Go into shop to pick up 1 bottle and walk out with multiple magnums.

Just looked on CellarTracker, I have 182 wines pending, with Spring mailers still to come.

My worry is that I have the 2010 piedmont onslaught coming, with the 2012 CA Pinot and ongoing 2011 Port coming. How will I handle all of this? I haven’t even checked out recent Spanish vintages yet…

…you have to pay money to someone else to store your wines.


…you have a mold problem in one of your Eurocaves, and think “thank goodness…what a great excuse to speed drink through some of these treasures…I need the room”

I hope I can remember these thoughts when the Jan/Feb mailer blitz hits the inbox:)

The wife says: “we need to drink more.”

I love this thread because it’s so nice knowing I’m in good company.


Your wife says “We need a new credit card.”

You tell your friends (who know you have WADs) that your not buying any wine for 3 months knowing you have numerous upcoming allocations.

And even they don’t believe you.

My wife is also an enabler! We are on the plane coming back from Tuscany… and she says I don’t want to go back to Europe next year! We should really go back to CA! It has been a while since we were in Napa, Sonoma… and I really want to focus on Russian River! Oh, they are having a Berserkerfest in Paso! I love Paso. We can shoot down there for the weekend!!! Then we head North!

Wonderful woman! Really!

This is a wine site…this thread is a depressing!

Artisan Wine Depot opened their new store this week. I stopped in last night, spent half an hour looking around, and walked out empty-handed. Do I have a problem?