You know you have WAD (Wine acquisition disorder) when....

You look to buy a few bargain wines and end up with a $600 order for two cases of artisan Cava. [snort.gif]

But you saved 10% with the case discount - congratulations!

Haha, I think I know something about WAD. “Now I’ll know so much more about high quality Cava, and I’ve been wanting to buy this much Cava anyway,” would be my rationalisation. Yesterday I was reading about a certain producer, thought I should buy some of their wine to try it, then realized that I had already bought some to be shipped in the fall. I’m glad I remembered.

Hi. My name is David, and I have a buying problem.

Happy (sad?) thing is, almost all of us can relate…

Congratulations on your purchase.

pending arrivals 176
available space in Eurocaves about 36
so me too.

…you salivate each time Gangas posts in CC.

…your Amex bill has more than one comma??

Recent purchase from AP Vin was 66 bottles!!!

I don’t buy near what I used to. That being said went to Binny’s recently for a bottle of vermouth only to walk out with about $300 worth of wine and forgot the vermouth.

I’m working on it. [snort.gif]

…you walk into the local wine store for an espresso (ours has the best around)

…and walk out with four bottles of wine

…in each hand?

[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

my case isn’t that advanced…yet…

You have five minutes to kill before your dinner reservation, there’s a wine shop next door, you go in with your wife, you promise not to buy anything, and she finds a bottle to buy.

Cool!! I gotta work on that…great solution, that way it wouldn’t be “my fault”!

It’s always you fault.

Damn, damn!! My hopes are dashed. [cry.gif]

Recent example…
Thought process:

  1. I’d like a bottle of basic LBV Port over the holidays…go to wine shop
  2. Ah, they have some 2011 vintage ports…just buy one to see what they are like in their infancy
  3. I can’t reasonably carry out #2 on the basis of just one (Cockburns)’ so I should have more that one data point…buy a taylors…buy a grahams to make an even broader assessment.
  4. Ah, they have a 2005 Noval LBVP on sale for $20…says it is a single vineyard LBVP…buy them all…only 4 on shelf, ask wine dude for more…no more, get a bit disappointed.
  5. Remember the original reason for entering store…immediately declassify the strange circumstances of the Noval LBVP and look for a more typical example…see 2007 Taylor’s and grahams…which to buy?..get both because I might have to make a similar decision in the future and need a shrewd cost analysis data point.
    And so on, and so on…
  6. I don’t suppose they might actually have a 2010 Barbaresco in yet? just, of course, to see what the vintage is like…