Yeti coozies

Yes, they’re expensive. Yes, they’re large. Yes, they’ll make you go in for that last sip and you’ll find the can already empty, but is there a better-performing coozie on the market? Don’t think so.


Very similar to the RTIC ones which I own and work very well and were much cheaper. Nothing unique about the engineering and probably a bunch of knock offs out there. I haven’t been in the market for many years (all mine working well), so not sure if there is still a significant price disparity.

Overall, I haven’t found Yeti products to be worth the price difference and I have a decent amount of them. Work great. So do others.


What does RTIC stand for? I’m not familiar …

Brand. pronounced Arctic

It’s their brand name. Obviously a play on arctic as a word. Some former engineers from Yeti. My understanding (with the caveat that I could be wrong) is that they recognized that the technology/engineering from Yeti wasn’t proprietary and went off and started their own “me too” company. They were sued and lost on some of the design characteristics of their products (coolers, I think), but not on the underlying technology which is basically vacuum insulated stainless steel devices. Plenty of other out there, so I’m not endorsing any brand. The technology works and is great, which was your original point.

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I got one as a gift a few months ago but haven’t used it yet. I’ve heard from several people that they’re pretty indestructible in addition to performing well.

Very cool. Appreciate the tip!

Highly recommend the Rtic brand. Performs exactly the same as Yeti and half the price.

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Plus . . . they come in great colors!!

Goes well with my favorite ale!

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