(yet another) WV trip

Making another of what is turning out to be annual trips out to PDX and the WV in a couple of weeks. We’ll be in PDX from Tuesday, July 11 and drive down to McMinnville on Friday, July 14. Driving back to the airport and flying out on Tuesday, July 18.

  1. Anything of great interest going on in PDX while we are there?
  2. Just reached out to our friends (or at least friends of my credit card) Marcus, Todd, and Margaret at PGC (she has better manners than Jim and is much better looking). We’ll do a day focused around Ribbon Ridge/Yamhill. Probably another day around Newberg and Dundee. And then a day to free solo as the thought hits us. Any inspirations?

If you haven’t already visited, try to wrangle appointments at Belle Pente (Carlton), J Christopher (Newberg), Walter Scott (Eola-Amity Hills), Crowley (Newberg), Kelley Fox (may have better luck meeting her in Portland), Arterberry Maresh (Dundee), and Brick House (Newberg).

If you like Riesling, I’d also highly recommend visiting WB’er Bill Hooper at his winery, Paetra.

From the title of your thread, my initial thought was West Virginia (my home state). Excellent pepperoni rolls, but terrible wines.

I would echo Scott’s suggestions. One other to consider that is a little different, look up Evan Martin ( former Asst at Belle Pente) and his Garryana label. I think he makes three different Gamays. Of course you need to stop by for beer as well…

Thanks, Scott. Had Belle Pente and Brick House on my radar screen. Will definitely look at the others.

Rick - Will probably stop by on Friday afternoon if you’re open. And Saturday. And… [basic-smile.gif]