Yellowtail Booklet Offer out

I received the email this morning that the Yellowtail booklet is now for sale. Staplebound, 32 pages and 5.5" x 8.5" in size. I placed my order.

Yellowtail said it will be sold to both active retail and supermarket folks, but not through any other channels. They are only planning an indefinite print run and expect to sell out.

Are there any special editions for longtime arsenic-consuming aficionados? A 3L in a cardboard box perhaps?

I heard the 3 Liter box will be a Merlot/Shiraz/Cabernet/Pinot Noir blend from their most exclusive tanks, limited to 1000 pallets.

If you buy the book, you’ve chosen barbarism over civilization. Other than that, it’s no big deal.

Bunch of snobs

laughing out loud!

Dang, I just went over my spending limit buying the Bev Mo collector’s catalog.

Chasing those Wilfred Wong points again, Anton?

How does one get on their mailing list?

More info from the source:

Since we are Yellowtail from a land Down Under, we had to complicate things just a little bit more. Aside from the delightful “standard” booklets we also produced 150,000 of a COLLECTOR’S EDITION. These specialties will carry a special wallaby design, will be signed by Matilda and come packed in a gorgeous cardboard box along with a 3 liter bladder of NV Merlot/Shiraz/Cabernet/Pinot Noir named “Special Red.” This will be the only way this fabulous wine is going to be available. It is 94% Petite Sirah and 6% Viognier from our three Estate tanks…The Third Tank, Cumulative Tank 4 and Tank Eleven. Only 150,000 of these absolute beauties were filled. We wouldn’t dare miss this rarity.

Some lucky bastards out there to land this one.

I can get you in.
My private helicopter is atop my 1972 Winnebago. We’ll chopper over while my serfs empty the sh!tter on the RV

Someone please for the love all that is good and hold sell me your Booklet!!!

I was holding out for my Wild Vines Blackberry Merlot allocation, but feel I can divert literally thousands of Turkish Lira for this once in a lifetime purchase…

Are there any 3L’s on wine-searcher yet? Same 10x markup as the SQN I presume

This thread is five days late. It’s already sold out.

That’s amazing since price was never even mentioned once.

Can’t put a price on priceless.

Personally I’m waiting for the rumored Rudy K coffee table book filled with his ‘blooper’ labels - ones that didn’t make the bottles for one reason or another. [berserker.gif]

If you have to ask, it’s too much.