X2O, Yonkers NY

My wife and dined here for the prix fixe, $25.00 lunch. The meal was not bad, although my meal was not the best. I had coconut shrimp which was great as was my wifes’ mushroom ravioli. My wife had the Salmon which was cooked perfectly. My pork loin was not as impressive, since there was charred kale and rather bland polenta. The wines by the glass were nice. Great service and a not so bad view of NJ. Would probably head back there for dinner.

There were several long threads on eBob about X2O. I think Jay Hack wrote one, and I wrote another.

I’ve never been to X2O but I’ve found the other X restaurants (Freelance, Xaviers and the place in the old Bully Boy location whose name escape me at the moment) to be maddeningly inconsistent. I’d have an amazing meal one night and then a few months later a totally mediocre one. My last time at Xaviers half the courses were wonderful and half were about as good as the cafeteria near where I work. And their wine service was disappointing - the red Burgundy I ordered came at room temperature. I.e., it was obviously stored in a non-temperature controlled room.

Definitely give it a try again at dinner. I’ve only been 3 times, but I must say it is a superb restaurant…if only it were not in Yonkers. neener

My SO and I went for Valentine’s Day. Every dish was at least very good and well prepared, but the venison with currant sauce, figs, brussels sprouts, and spaetzle was spectacular. Very conventional dish, but the execution took it to the next level. That was the dish that raised the whole meal from “this is a pretty good place” to “this is a top notch place.” Of course, the views are spectacular (our table was on the downriver side, with a nice look toward the city). Reasonable corkage, too.