WTSO Ch. St Jean 06 Cinq Cepages $35

Free shipping for 4 or more

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Sold out!

This will only get cheaper

Wow! I got the email at 5:23pm!

“This” as in Cinq Cepages or in general?

This wine is still riding on the “Wine of the Year” award by WS for its 97 version. IMO, the wine has not been near as good since, with some years being just average. but a $35 cab will sell.

Cinq Cepages will only get cheaper.

The wine is so widely available, I am sure WTSO will just load up. It is not like they bought every btl produced and dumped in 20 minutes. They probably had 10 cases or so.

$32 at my loca costco.

I’ll be on the lookout for your midnight e mail. [grin.gif]

No kidding.

WTSO had a KILLER Barolo deal on last night, late, and I was able to pick up 6 bottles. By the time my friends (whom I sent the email to) received it, the deal was gone.

Thanks for looking out…BRO!

I hadn’t had one since the '97 although i gifted away a couple of '99s, but have had a '01 sitting around for a while with less than perfect storage and decided to open it last Sunday and was totally prepared to pour it down the drain- much to my surprise it was excellent.


I’ll open one with you, I promise!

1999 Azienda Bricco Rocche (Ceretto) Barolo Prapò

cheaper here at costco in MA

As we all see, the wine is cheaper at Costco.

Kudos to WTSO, genius marketers of their brand.

It’s getting closer to costing what its worth.
An over-hyped wine if there ever was one.

Clearly not over rated, because it never scores above the low 90s anymore, but, yes overhyped.

It’s always head-scratching to see how California wines that are mediocre can command prices like these-- even $35 for the CC is too much imo. You can buy the '05 Vieille Cure for $20!

Overhyped & overpriced…

We aren’t talking Opus One here, are we?

96 was WOTY, but 97 still had a great score.