WTN: RuthLewandowski Feints FoxHillVnyd '20...(short/boring)

Tried this new wine the other night:

  1. RuthLewandowski Feints FoxHillVnyd/Mendo (12.3%; 30% Arneis/33% Dolcetto/15% Barbera/14% Nebbiolo/8% Montepulciano; www.RuthLewandowskiWines.com; U/U) Geyserville 2020: Med.dark color; fairly aromatic Arneis/floral/gardeniassome grapey/juicy/Dolcetto rather earthy/MendoCnty tomatoe/dusty almost Freisa-like quite interesting perfumed nose; fairly tart/tangy/bit metallic bit brisk/tannic some floral/grapey some earthy/MendoCnty tomatoeyunusual/interesting light-bodied flavor w/ light tangy tannins; long rather tart/tangy/metallic light grapey/Dolcetto some earthy/rustic/Mendo tomatoey finish w/ light brisk tannins; a very interesting nose but doesn’t deliver as Arneis on the palate; shows lots of earthy/rustic MendoCnty character; a rather wirey/bratty interesting wine. $25.00 (AV)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I was looking for a white for dinner, glanced at the back label and saw the Arneis on it, so grabbed this as my white. Much to my surprise, when I got it home, I saw it was red, not white.
    This is quite an unusual red wine blend. RuthLewandowski is regarded as a natural winemaker. Yet this wine was perfectly clean and showed no natty character whatsoever, even on the next day.

It’s in a clear colourless bottle!

We sell this. It’s very popular, 34% Arneis IIRC - cofermented. I’d say it’s more a dark rosé than a red.

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Nice note Tom. Sometimes pulling the wrong bottle pays off.

Russell, agree with your description. My note on the 2019 Feints mentions the rosé vs red thing. Popular for sure, a shop in Copenhagen Denmark said they can’t keep it in stock.


Well, yeah…Russell… sometimes I don’t pay the greatest attention to what I’m doing when I’m wine shopping.
I just saw the 30% Arneis & quite reading the back label. I just grabbed it & didn’t realize it was a colorless btl…looked like a coloured
btl to me. Sometimes, even a rocket scientist doesn’t think like a rocket scientist!!

Curious if anyone knows if Ruth is related to the Corey Lewandowski of Donald Trump fame??
Not that it makes any difference to me regarding her wines.

Ruth is a man called Evan.

I don’t think theres a blood relationship, certainly not an ideological one.

Not related to Corey and not Ruth. Here is the back story on Ruth Lewandowski Wines.


Ahhh…yes. Thanks, Tom… I’d forgotten that back story.