WTN: LaurentCombier Crozes-Hermitage '12...(short/boring)

Tried last night at dinner:

  1. LaurentCombier AC: Crozes-Hermitage (12.5%; www.CharlesNealSelections.com; aged in cement eggs) 2012: Very dark color; some earthy/chalky slight roasted/coffee bit licorice/blackberry/Syrah attractive bit complex/Rhonish nose; soft light blackberry/Syrah/pepper light earthy/chalky slight roasted/coffee flavor w/ light tannins; med.long light blackberry/Syrah bit earthy/chalky finish w/ light/smooth tannins; eminently drinkable now & for next few yrs; a pleasant enough CdR-level Syrah at a fair price but doesn’t hold a candle to StCosme CdR or an Ojai SBC Syrah. $20.00 (Prima/IlC)

No BP today.

I had the '11 of this and thought it was very drinkable and an excellent value in French wine. The price point is the real selling point here, I know I could do a lot better in CA with $30, but I’m embarrased to admit that I don’t drink a lot of sub $25 CA wines.