WTB/WTTF 2000-2010 Marcel Juge

I know it is a long shot here, but wanted to see if anyone wants to sell or trade any of these away. For trade, I am very Red Burgundy heavy.

I will pay anywhere from $125-$175 for a 750ml and $250-$350 for a magnum depending on vintage. Pay via PayPal is my preference, but can pay however.

Let me know if you have a bottle that you want to part with.



I have one left of the '09, with which to be honest, I’m loath to part. But I’am also a big burg fan. So if you want to throw out a couple of swap possibilities, I’d consider them. (I’d be looking for something to drink now–i.e. from the 90’s).

Of course, fine if wish to pass (and no guarantees in any case).


Hi Josh- Any of these tickle your fancy? Let me know. Thanks for the potential exchange.

1995 Michel Lafarge Ducs
1996 Hudelot Malcontents
1995 Arnoux Echezeaux
1995 Arnoux Suchots

Let me know if any of those work.


Sorry, 96 Malconsorts.

I am malcontent. Stupid autocorrect always reading my mind.

Thanks, Tyler, and others,

I originally meant the above to be a pm, not a post. (On family vacation and thus distracted.) I’ll write back in the next day or two by PM.

:angry: Thanks “others”, for trying to swipe in and offer something potentially better than what I put out there…

One trade made, one trade hijacked. Anyone else interested, please PM.




Man, keep calm! No one swiped anything from you or anyone (though perhaps somewhat twisted perspective in any case?. I am on family vacation, and thus not answering PM’s hourly. As it happens, I was logging on to write you that I decided not to sell (to you or anyone–the former decision being one that I am glad I made after seeing your last post).

Was some light hearted humor. Relax dude. I really am not upset about the wine. Just bumping the thread one last time to see if there is any more interest. Other offer potentials came and fell through, and I’m sure they can back up there were no hard feelings…

Enjoy the wine whenever that time comes to pull the cork.

Have a good day.

I really am not upset about the wine.

Good to know!


I have 6 bottles of 2010, which I paid $100 for 3 and $175 for the other 3. If you give me the aggregate of the 6 bottles they are yours.

I’ll just take your 3 bottle parcel at $100 please

Hi Will -

I’m interested if you have any left. Please PM me. Thanks!