WTB: Wooden Wine Racks

Hi - trying to organize my “cellar” right now - have about 100 bottles or so stacked up and was thinking it was time to invest in some wooden wine racks. Buying from the online retailers seems a bit crazy price wise (although maybe accurate). Anyone in the NY/NJ/CT area have any used wooden racks they want to sell me? Doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

Thanks in advance!

Not fancy and cheap, try Ikea. Raw pine racks sold in posts and shelves. Good utility.

i have 1 of these from Ikea. holds 112 bottles. 119 if you double up on the top

thanks all! i didn’t even think about ikea.

try kedco on Long Island. they make a few different stlye of racking, the ones I got were cheap in terms of cost (made with metal and wood instead of all wood) buy very durable. They can make racks single/double deep 375/750/1500 sizes,etc. I picked them up prebuilt and mounted them in my cellar using a few screws and u joint thingies (under 30 minutes). The cheapest are made with metal wire versus a metal bar (I opted for the metal bar). I know wine shops and private cellars that use the various models from kedco andone thing they all have in common is that they are durable.

Does this withstand humidity if you are using it in a maintained cellar environment?

I had one like this when I first got into wine and realized it wasn’t going to be nearly enough. Now it’s a shoe rack in my closet. Hahaha

this is for the bottles that didn’t fit into the cellar.

I ordered wood racks from Wine Enthusiast. They have worked out well. Both singl bottle racks that are 19 rows tall plus the3 top shelf where I store books, etc. and diamonds that have 12 smallish bins. I just looked and don’t see the same units (not surprising, mine are about 10 years old.)

I have a couple of these that I bought long ago. I coated them with polyurethane before assembling them. They’ve held up just fine. If your floor is damp, you need to do something more to protect the feet.

Sorry for the thread drift, but Andy, what brings you out of the woodwork? [cheers.gif]

A heard a call ring out through the interwebs for assistance with wine racks and I knew that I was needed.

Nice pun, btw.

I have a very humid passive cellar (always around 70%) that these have been in for 13 years without issue.

One other thing, I do not use all fo the shelves, I skip two and stack the bottles three high…Makes them even cheaper. I also double the cross braces.