WTB (no rush) - '71 Barolo

I’m softly on the hunt for some '71 Barolo (nothing fancy, as I won’t be able to afford it) to enjoy on my birthday, which is not until March. I plan to have some osso bucco and rock it out with a nice '71 Barolo, plus my own spare bottles in case it is bad, even though I have nothing older than '96.

Let me know here, via PM, or email (todd at wineberserkers.com) if you see anything that is a screaming deal.

Reach out to P-Rob’s buddy Simon, who is on the board here, as he has a REALLY nice stash of older wines.

Simon does have some sick wines, like those '75 Lalandes, but P-Rob says his pricing is not exactly ‘a steal’.

Osso bucco huh? How about a nice cab. Something like… Lewelling?
Veal, The other other white meat.

Email Gregory DP.
He’s probably waist high in the stuff.

From Chambers:

Doisy Daene 1971 Sauternes
sweet | 1 in stock | $124.99

Italy Piedmont
Ceretto 1971 Barolo Zonchetta delle Brunate
red | 1 in stock | $159.99

Ratti, Renato 1971 Barolo Marcenasco
Nice nose of chocolate, flowers, hay and decaying leaves. Another great nose from 1971! This was tannic but also with lovely juiciness. This is indeed ripe but has lovely acidity and thrust. Great wine drinking at or about peak! LF
red | 1 in stock | $194.99

Tommasi 1971 Amarone della Valpolicella
red | 5 in stock | $119.99

Too pricy?

Don’t know what your price limits are but I see these as pretty good deals:

Flickinger: Vietti Barolo Della Localita Briacca Speciale, 1971 for $195.
K&L: Luigi Einaudi Barolo, 1971 for $149

At the other end, there’s Wally’s with the 71 Monfortino at $1400.

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If you are open to a sauternes, Richie Rich has some '71 Gilette at more than a reasonable price. I had it with Freak, Bowden and P-Rob for my birthday this year and it was pretty damn good.

I might have to get a bottle of that as well - it’s near guaranteed to still be smokin’

Vietti flirtysmile