WTB: Marcel Juge Cornas

willing to pay $75-175 a bottle depending on the vintage. Unlike the other two guys I’m willing to buy 2011/2012 ;D.

holla at yo bro.

2013 not being released until late Dec of this year broseph. Going to be one more vintage made after that. Then…he gone.

relieved to know that the clean diaper stash is full.

Yes, we are also confused by this alleged diaper fund that necessitates selling of Rousseau and Dujac to facilitate buying cases of Allemand and Juge.

Haha you guys are brutal.

Pay no attention to the h8ers Charlie… don’t forget to get mags of gentaz and verset… I can’t wait to try them with you.

LA Ballers drink this:

Juge is so 2008…

maybe if i didn’t pay state income tax like some board members.

! started in San Fran. Some folks are smarter than others. [wow.gif]