WTB Eurocave

Hi - we are looking to buy a wine fridge (prefer Eurocave) for 200 plus bottles. We live in the Bay Area and can pick up.


Ami, I hope this works for you. In case it doesn’t and in case you aren’t doing this already, I would be checking Craigslist every day for Eurocave or Le Cache, hopefully not too old. When the ones in good condition get posted, they usually get snapped up very quickly. In your area, I would think units probably become available fairly regularly. good luck!

Hi Doug- we have been looking regularly with no luck except Vinotemps. :frowning: Costco has a good deal on one and we are tempted but just wanted to check here before ordering.

Vinotemp has customer service issues. See thread.

if you click his link you’ll see he’s talking about eurocave

The Vinotemp thread is VinoTemp - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers

Yup definitely NOT going with Vinotemp.

Wanting to buy Eurocave