WTB:Cuban Cigars

A friend has requested this as a gift. I’m not going overseas anytime soon, at least not that I know about right now.

Don’t really care what kind, looking for 6 of them.


there was a wine purveyor who recently twice advertised a whole bunch of cigars. Jim Ruxin of Village Wine of Brentwood. jimruxin@yahoo.com. No affiliation.

I’ve used this site a couple of times in the past. Takes a while for shipping, but they’ve always arrived.


Use cigarsofhabanos.com. I have used them for many years. Free shipping great selection and price.

Your welcome…

No legitimate retailer in the United States sells Cuban cigars because it is illegal. I’m sure everybody here knows that. There are 3 or 400 sites in the Caribbean and Europe that will sell you Cuban cigars online, delivered to your house/business and some offer options of unmarked boxes, labels removed and sent in a second shipment, even bold guaranteed delivery of a second box if the first one is seized. If you get caught, you usually lose the cigars and your money the first time. If California catches you, you lose the cigars, your money for the purchase, plus they expect you to pay the CA Tobacco Tax on that purchase at 52.75 percent of the wholesale price of the cigars. Since CA doesn’t recognize Cuba as a licensed wholesaler they just expect you to pay 52.75 percent on your purchase price of say $525.00 for that box of Cohiba Esplendidos you bought through an online retailer. If the Feds decide to join the money parade, they will come after you for 10 cents per cigar entering the USA for the FDA’s new oversight of tobacco products, plus 6% for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, (CHIP) tax.

Another bit of boring information: One of the cigar producers I deal with purchases most of his tobacco in Esteli, Nicaragua, the bulk by contract, but they bid on specialty and limited leaf. They were consistently out bid by buyers for the Cuban tobacco conglomerate. It was bad enough that 50 percent of your Cuban cigar purchases were counterfeit but your Cuban cigars may soon feature Connecticut shade grown wrappers, aged Ecuadorean wrappers, Mexican aged Maduro wrappers and join the main stream. Another “institution” that will fade into the memories of those who can speak to mustard in the vineyard that added so much to the 1967 BV Georges de Latour.

Though illegal, the USA purchases the most Cuban cigars. The ignored, invisible oxymoron. To explain further we’d be moved to another forum.

+100 Cigarsofhabanos

Thank you. Now I need some recommendations. There are way too many choices and I don’t know anything about cigars. I want to be generous. I have no idea what style he prefers.

If those are the only two parameters, get him Montecristo No. 2 and/or Cohiba Siglo VI. Of course, if you can obtain some intel on what he likes, that would help considerably.

I agree, you can’t go wrong with those two options. If he likes Cubans he will be happy with either.