WTB: 2019 Lafarge Clos des Chenes

Looking for 3 bottles, but open to more/less.



Has the Domaine even realeased these yet? Happy to send you 3 bottles when I get them.

That would be fantastic! I believe so—I’ve been able to find a few of all of the other cuvées, but this one has been elusive (generally selling out by the time I get a WS alert…).

Garys nj had some this morning… I am on a buying hiatus but I made an exception and tried to order 1 bottle…unfortunately i had a system glitch and it would not let me check out… emailed them but by the time it was resolved the bottles were sold.

The garys system and wine guys are awesome… so no heartache. Like I said, I’m on buying freeze for a little bit… hopefully when I come out of it, I’ll find some

Good luck!


Product listing says 2019 @ $300 per. 3x bottles.