WTB 2016 Burlotto Barolo(s)

Well when it rains it pours… apparently the container with these wines coming into Portland was frozen due to a misprogrammed shipping container. One of my favorite wineries and I’m hoping someone with fair pricing access would be willing to share some of their allocation.

Any of the crus, or the normale and I’m interested. I’ve been buying these wines back to 2004 (not as long as some I’m sure) but it’s a gut punch to think I’ll not have any of the 2016s for the cellar. Any help would be appreciated.



What do you mean by frozen? Literally, physically the wine froze? Or frozen in that it is stopped somewhere?


Also looking. But only after AG gets his :slight_smile:

The story I’ve been told is that the container was set to -14c instead of 14c…



Actually could be refreshing on a hot summer day!

There is none showing on WS pro anywhere in the world so I’m not sure that I understand how it already arrived in Portland, frozen or not. My experience is that the Burlotto usually arrives in the PNW in the late summer or fall.


People will still buy the Burlotto. [snort.gif]

My apologies, your photos are convincing. Drink it up!

That is so sad!!!

Yeah, photos are from the importer… 1000 cases of wine was frozen. Rough day.

Looks like Sec’s allocation of Burlotto was in there. Too bad, I’d been consolidating my 2016 Barolo purchases through them, they have great prices.

I’m guessing all of OR’s Burlotto was in there. Depending on Estelle’s ability to get more from the winery there might not be any available?