WTB: 1980

While I’m on a complete wine buying hiatus and have actually sold quite a few wines, I am looking to buy a bottle or 2 of 1980 something. My wife’s 21st is coming up next weekend and she was majorly preggers so we really didn’t get to celebrate the 20th. (Although I love it) she’s not a fan of Port, but all else is in play.

Anyone have anything?

I think you will need some seriously good wine to give Shiloh after revealing her age.

Fixed. [thankyou.gif]

Oh yes, now you’ve completely hidden her age from those of us who don’t know subtraction. rolleyes

[hitsfan.gif] [haha.gif] [thumbs-up.gif]

speak for yourself! i went to law school to avoid math.

I’m sure you must have taken a course in fees, no?

Ah, but they only teach addition and multiplication, not subtraction! rolleyes